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Ikariam team

  • Duke Wellington wrote:

    Ok. I've actually been following this thread and I can't help it anymore, I feel compelled to say a few things here:

    1) Over on .org we don't have the ability or option to respond and discuss like we're doing here. Why? Or at least I did not see a discussion thread linked to the survey. I find this disturbing and feel we've been blocked/censored over there. :(

    2) I've been playing this game for many years now and followed many threads and I can tell you all that GF only cares about one thing only: $$$$$. If anybody thinks otherwise then they're naive. GF is a company/corporation, plain and simple. We should all know and accept that to them it's about $$$$ only.

    3) Yes. It's human nature. There will always be people that complain about anything and everything. That's the beauty of life itself and the world we live in. We all have different viewpoints and ideas about anything and everything. So don't be surprised there or get wound up over it or that will be the thing that will have you complaining and whining.

    4) I have to say that I completely agree with Ag's earlier post. The 3 options don't seem like huge changes to anybody and in fact, most players see them as minor changes to the game, myself included. And as such, why shouldn't GF just go ahead and implement all 3? If anybody can't question or see the logic in that assessment, then surely something is wrong there. After all the complaints on the boards about GF ignoring their players, this is what they come up with to appease the crowds? Surely anybody can see that this feeble attempt at appearing to care and give us some choices/say in how the game works is just plain disingenuous of them. And if you can't see that, well... I guess there's nothing more to say here.

    5) Finally with some hope, if it is the case that GF is genuinely trying to reach out to their player base here, then they made a very poor start of it. They went with 3 minor game changes that may as well all be implemented. Hopefully they'll recognize this and next time give us some true game altering features or add-ons to vote on.

    Dangerous 45 wrote:

    To NOT VOTE is to let others choose... It is not the same as voting NONE OF THE ABOVE.
    To NOT VOTE is to give up a freedom BUT to vote NONE OF THE ABOVE is to express your opinion.

    Dangerous and Duke Wellington this was very well said!
    I find the 3 choices a waste of time and wish I could vote none of the above.
    On another note I have a very hard time believing that people suggested these 3 options.

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