[CONTEST OVER] Spring is here, sit by a tree, and write us a nice story!

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    Ikariam team

    • [CONTEST OVER] Spring is here, sit by a tree, and write us a nice story!

      Hello everyone,

      As you probably noticed, there hasn’t been a lot of contest around here in a while. However, this is about to change.
      Today, we want to offer you a different kind of contest, which we hope you will enjoy.

      As it’s the first one done here, as least in a while, we wanted to do something simple. Spring has arrived, if you live in the north hemisphere, and Easter is coming. Therefore, your challenge is related to it.

      Here come the rules, inherent to all contests:
      • Place and highlight ALL the words requested
      • All text must remain anonymous until we reveal the identity of their authors. Therefore, you are not allowed to tell people which text you wrote, or to vote for the text x or y. However, if you wish that we do not disclose your identity at the end of the contest, just let us know.
      • You must write at least 150-200 words.
      • You cannot steal somebody else story.
      • Everyone is allowed to participate, besides the Admins and the Fan Art Helpers.
      • You must send your participation by PM to Events including "CONTEST" in the title.
      • You have 2 weeks to participate so until May 02, 2014 at 00:00 (server time). However, if we do not have enough text or if you request it we may extend the time by one week.

      The words you have to place in the story are:

      If needed, you can put them at the plural form.

      Once the sending period will be over, we will hold a public poll for a week in order you vote for your favorite text.
      Then, we will find out our winners!

      And finally! the part you were all waiting for… the rewards! No need to deny it, we all know it’s the reason why you participate!
      The winner will have the brand new Contest Winner rank, but not only!
      If we have at least 5 participants, here what you can get:
      1st place: a 10 euros coupon
      2nd place: two coupons of 3 euros
      3rd place: a 3 euros coupon
      Coupons can be used on any Gameforge game, and can be gifted to your friends.

      It’s time for you to be imaginative, and grab your pen to write us an amazing story! What are you waiting for?

      Your Ikariam.com Team