Pinned Ikariam Logo contest

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    Ikariam team

    • Ikariam Logo contest

      The logo must fit the theme of the 4th of July
      It needs to be your own work and it needs to be something new (example: you can not summit something that was made from a past contest)
      The content of the logo must follow the rules of the board and the T&C
      You need to keep the transparency, in order it is properly integrated to the rest of the board
      You can't modify the dimensions (474px × 76px) of the image, only its size (currently 61,87 Kb)
      You cannot use images under copyright unless they belong to gameforge(4D) gmbh
      You are not allow to insert a signature/nickname on the logo you produce
      You need to give up all your copyrights rights when participating, which means that Gameforge will be allowed to use it on other places (different boards/websites)
      Users may submit a maximum of 2 entries