Best Alliance On Alpha...?

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    Ikariam team

    • afraid i have to vote with what little research i have been able to do, appears kapz is the best/ most victorious alliance we have here on alpha...i gotta ask how exactly they "settled out of court" with lost? i bet a weener got pulled out & beat somewhere in those negotiations...

      @mizukage freaking hilarious...testicle cube =P double points
      I feed on the fear of the devil inside I bask in the glow of rising war, lay waste to the ground of an enemy shore. Come to the nightmare,come to me, deep down in the dark where the devil be Wade through the blood spilled on the floor, and if another one stands, kill some more
    • Id like to add in the first alliance I joined here on Alpha as one of the best.

      Many deserve to be in my top alliance list. Im more familiar with WLS and FURY for the wars that would last well over a year. Gauntlet you still have not shaved your avatar as that was part of the agreement to end the last WLS, FURY war.

      This thread was also tried 2 years ago intresting how some things dont change much Best Alliance On Alpha...?

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    • Hmmm. SOB?? Lost would get my vote .. I think?

      well back when Lost and KAPZ fought in a war, both sides had some good battles. I believe it was a war over Piracy issues that had a perfect storm happen as it begun with other issues going on and multiple allies in towns on the same island. Hendrix can probably vouch for that. DSI was in the middle of that as well I believe.

      anyways as the war continued and warehouses and dumps of fighters(. From both sides. ) continued to pillage the farms ( again both sides)

      This fair maiden June coming off a grand battle royale between KAPZ and Lost. i met her, painting her bathroom on an island there close to the battles.

      If anyone has never had the pleasure of messaging June, she is amazing, fun, funny, cute, and just accurate with her words.

      June and I kinda worked out a deal to end the war and take each piracy issue as it came along. war ended and I really consider Lost an Lly and by no means an enemy.

      So i guess that is how it was settled out of court, instead of fighting for months, it was dooked out and it's over and we get along well. So no winners no losers.

      Settled out of court? The exact agreement and details are sworn to be a secret for quite a long time?
    • Tactical Cube wrote:

      LOSER LOST gets your vote ? yeah deckus i have always considered u a little wacky but now u have totally lost ur MIND , u really should switch over to those losers and totally suck junes ass , u really dont deserve to be in KAPZ :evilgrin:
      lol than I guess I don't deserve to be in KAPZ either.
      Since I'm on this thread, my answer is... ummm... this one: CT PLEASE(CTpls). They are number 38 in the highscore list. I suggest everybody apply to them. Now.
    • TheMantis wrote:

      Not fair since I think my alliance (Argo) is the best on Alpha. However, since the rules say that I can't pick my own alliance then I will have to say that


      was by far the best alliance. They attracted a lot of attention on Alpha and was a real power house when this server started. Unfortunately, with the loss of their leader, Gauntlet, the alliance disbanded and moved to different alliances.

      The rules didn't say that I was limited to choosing only alliances that still exist.
      Argo is apparently the best alliance on Alpha!

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D