can anyone help in what military units to build, how many, etc.?

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    • can anyone help in what military units to build, how many, etc.?

      hey all

      just wondering if anyone could point me to a guide for beginning military construction/what to build up? i've got three towns so far and doing pretty good with building/researching, but keep getting pillaged. is there any guide for what units/ships to build, how many, etc., or is it just trial/error? would really love to get better at fights
    • 30-90 hoplites + 6-18 any siege units. Then just make sure they are raiding. + 1 ram ship to every town.. When you are not logged in.. raid inactives 0 generals from larger distance so your troops are not home. Do not try over reach.. Always try to keep positive income. For defence.. Demolish walls and build warehouses.. When your economy is large enough to build +20 level walls then start building them. Smaller walls will hurt you if you fight against more experienced players.

      More detailed guide will be given by next player that has more time.. I would also suggest that you look into wonders. Colossus, Poseidon, Demeter and Hephaistos.. Better you are using wonders and getting used to piracy.. better you will play..

      Good site to any beginner:
    • Like Verge says Wikikariam is the essential resource for information on units, buildings, strategy, everything.

      Of course warehouses are important - not just for protecting your stuff but also to have the storage to build bigger well-developed towns. Eventually you will have to max out 2 warehouses in each town + a nice big dump. A ship in every port - for sure, to warn you of coming attacks.

      I respectfully disagree that you should destroy walls. There's different schools of thought, but I can't stand to see a town without a wall. For one thing it looks crazy just having a rut around your town. But more importantly- Without it an attacker can just march right in without even having to pay for artillery! Having no wall makes it easy and cheap to attack you. You want to make it inconvenient and expensive. I always try to keep my walls at least to the level of my town, grow your wall and military to match your economy.

      This is a bit unorthodox, but I always keep tons of spearmen in each town. They are very weak and cheap. But it means your town isn't totally defensless. + They can be used to pillage defenseless inactives just as well as hops and save you money. Add in 1 slinger and your foe has to take down the whole wall to get into your town- that's inconvenient for them, they will choose the easiest targets.
      True, its no match for "more experienced" players, but it can fend off random, sloppy attacks. Also spears can be easily replaced by better units in times of war.
      When you can afford it, build up just 1 complete military complement stationed in one central town, to be deployed to where it is needed.
      Also don't neglect your hideouts, and just keep building so you have nothing to steal!

      Well that my 2 cents
    • There are two things I disagree with that Xolotl said.

      1: Walls: A wall doesn't mean that the enemy has to have artillery if it's a pathetic town. A level 2 wall can be breached by hoplites alone. (Get enough to fill the frontline.) And a pathetic wall is very bad when you have artillery and longrange as you lose some in R1 when the whole wall is torn down. (You need at least a lv 14ish to avoid that for a smaller city if your enemy has mortars.) I don't build walls unless I can get a halfway decent level. Lv 10 is my first stopping point.

      2: If your enemy doesn't have balloons, a slinger, not spearman, is a more effective defensive unit. A spearman dies in R2 if a section of wall was taken down. A slinger needs the whole wall taken down to be killed. (or to run out of ammo) I had a slinger create a 5 round battle before it fled and that's a useful "Don't try me" statement when an opponent gets nothing. (If they get something, they'll forget the annoyance.)

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
    • level 10 walls.. r1.) Front line and rams. r2.) mortars + full battlefield.. and everything behind your level 10 wall is gone.. Next rounds.. if you dont have extras you will fight without supporting lines.. Front line takes heavy casualties.. level 20 is minimum because that wont be teared down in first or in second round.