Is GameForge Listening To Its Players

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    • Is GameForge Listening To Its Players

      My immediate answer is yes, compared to what it used to. I believe GameForge is listening to its players, occasionally outside of the suggestion threads and deserves a little more slack then what we are giving them. You can't expect them to change the game in a day, in fact, that's what a lot of people would hate to see happen.

      All I'm saying is it appears now a days that all threads posted here are pretty much against what GF is doing. I agree with a lot of these negative reaction threads, but I also believe that if you look at recent changes compared to what the needy and very loud community is talking about, it appears to follow, reflect and at sometimes clearly mirror what the community is asking for.

      The suggestion threads and vote for your features is helping GF make the right changes, so instead of ripping into them for a crappy mobile app, keep in mind that I think everyone here would rather them devote the time to help keep the game healthy and some-what new (by adding features such as the contraversial piracy game).

      So my direct question is: How has GF handled the communities' different(and almost always conflicting) desires in the past, and how has that changed over the years to how they are handling the community now? Do you believe that the change is positive or negative? Any why?

      Also, how can GF change what they are doing and how they are treating the community for the better?

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