Server Merge Idea -- Open To Critique

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    Ikariam team

    • Had I said that was the sole purpose for merging the accounts, I would say "Okay" and go about my day lol.
      But that's not the only reason behind it, it's just another way to mitigate it. Not fix it. Like you said, it would have to be tracked by GOs as a type of fleet movement to at least further solve the issue, but it will at the very least slow down the issue while GF implements a way to put a stop to it.

    • ImperialUser wrote:

      Merging accounts doesn't fix people abusing piracy.

      Right now the only issue with multi-accounts is piracy. Adding piracy to the fleet contact rule is a simple fix for that, and hopefully can/will be done after the merge.

      Sorry, but multies arent only used in piracy.. Multies have been used long before piracy was introduced and no fleet contact rule wont fix all the problems coming from legal multies. So saying that multies are only issue with piracy is just naive.

      To my opinion.. Multies shouldnt share even an island together.

      Fleet contact rule is just pure laziness from GF part. inside the came we have many instances where we see how players get different attack and deployment buttons depending their status. So how is it so hard to have In game agreement that these 2 players share connection and make is so that only SGO or higher can take it down.
    • ImperialUser wrote:

      What other issues would merging accounts solve? You put up plenty of arguments like "people would be warping to many towns" or "you don't want that many accounts", but those aren't real issues.
      Merging accounts in the way that I laid it out (through various credits and building from the ground up)

      - Including the misuse of 'legal multies' by pillaging a friend who pillages you for resources on your other account (which is big)
      - Server clutter, lack of space on good islands
      - Closes the gap between older and newer players
      - Allows players who may have messed up their accounts to fix their mistakes this time around

      You almost expect the server and its players to run off of integrity, and it just won't happen lol.
      People will find ways around your rules. Will use those multies to feed themselves (and may run the script in the process because the CoMa only runs a check on it every once in a blue moon), will definitely use them to hoard resources for their main account, which is just another way to get an unfair growth advantage, you'll work staff to death checking for what's a legal multi, and what's an illegal multi, the community itself won't know what to report as an illegal multi, so it's just constant confusion.

    • Misuse of multies already happens. Merging accounts doesn't fix this problem.
      Server clutter isn't an issue.
      Closing the gap between players isn't an issue.
      People who messed up their accounts have themselves to blame, sure it's nice but not an issue merging accounts resolves. If anything this should be a separate suggestion.

      Legal multi's arn't great, not saying they are. But it's the current solution vrs having to choose 1 account and deleting the rest. Your suggestion to merge accounts isn't any better and potentially adds more issues to the ones that are already being faced by the community.

      I'd like to see something where you have to choose one account, the rest get deleted. Any ambrosia spent on the other accounts you get 1/2 of it back on your main account. Any ambrosia unspent on the other accounts you get all of it on your main account.

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    • 1/2 back? That would infuriate me. Ambrosia that I spent for an account that got entirely deleted, so players would reap no benefits. Not to mention, the only way that GF could legally delete an account with bought ambrosia is to reimburse the ambrosia entirely, or reimburse the money. I don't see the latter happening, and really, I don't see them reimbursing anything, period.

      Legalizing something because it's a problem is not an answer to the problem. It's lazy.

      What issues would it add?

    • A huge benefit to legalizing multiaccounting that we have accounts available on the server, near our alliance, to give new players or a smaller target server player. We can once again keep the account in vmode indefinitely until we find that player. No worries about being banned for it like now when a player gives up an account. We are waiting for further information on how this will work exactly for that purpose. Until we know the specfics, many of us are stuck in limbo, waiting to quit the game but wanting to hand our accounts over to players who will use them for that purpose. Our plan is to give our accounts to an ally who fought beside us against multi-accounting. Problem is that the accounts are on the same server now. A server we know will be merged. Tyyni has our staff checking on what we can do to pull this off or if it's even possible. No one is 100% sure either way yet. Our admin thinks it should be possible, but wants to verify it before giving us the thumbs up on it.

      Your suggestion completely wipes out that option. Perhaps you can make it optional? This would be a good way to avoid pushing concerns.

      Dont take that as approval of this idea, though. I really hate it. Target server players are already facing meeting players who can carry a MS larger than their TS (in some cases.) Players who have been on dead servers and are looking forward to 'ruling the server' again. This idea makes it too easy for those players to get even bigger. It just adds to the imbalance we will already experience after the merge.