Merged alliance names confusion stopper.

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    Ikariam team

    • Merged alliance names confusion stopper.

      Many of the alliances have branches on more than one server. If two or more of them merge to the same server, only one will be able to use the current designation. For my own alliance on MY, I have changed the designation from NWO to NWO-M and suggested to the other NWO leasders on other servers that use a similar method.
      Of course many alliance will combine them selves into one alliance on the mergred server but that will take time. This halts the confusion in the meantime. By doing this change BEFORE the shift we get people used to the new names and cut down on the chaos.

      This is of course just a suggestion but it would be a good idea if each of you told your leader about it now. Not all of them read the boards and will see this.

      I of course welcome your comments and suggestions as to a better method, but this seems simple.