Announcement New Game Rules - Only valid after merge

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    • New Game Rules - Only valid after merge

      Dear players,

      Here are the new game rules for your reference. They will only be valid after our community goes through the merge process, so they are not yet valid. For now, we still have to follow the current rules.

      The following rules are valid for all worlds.

      Should you think you were punished unjustly according to one of the following rules please contact the game support at

      Please note that due to data protection directives we can only discuss requests and complaints concerning a specific account with its owner after proper verification.

      1. Multi accounts
      It is possible to maintain several accounts on one and the same server. These have to be announced to us by using a game internal function. Direct interaction between these multi accounts is not allowed. Circumventing these rules via other players is not allowed.

      2. Account sharing
      It is not allowed to share your login data with other players.

      3. Pushing
      It is not allowed to gain an advantage at the expense of weaker players. A player is considered weaker if his total highscore is lower than that of the accused.

      4. Bugusing
      Intentional use of a bug or intentionally not reporting a bug is not allowed.

      5. Scripting
      Usage of software or scripts in order to gain advantages at the expense of other players is not allowed. This includes bots, macros and other automatisms.

      6. Real Life threats
      It is not allowed to make real life threats towards other players.

      7. Content
      Insults and inappropriate behavior towards other players are not allowed.
      Also it is not allowed to publish pornographic, racist or extremist views and opinions of any kind.
      Advertisements, political or religious opinions are unwanted and should not be published.

      8. Language
      The language of the game is English, however, in other communities English is generally tolerated.
    • As an addendum: No more than 11 player account that share a connection and/or are owned by the same person can be on a given server at a time. This was announced ingame, but this is here to serve as a reminder to any new players.

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