Pirate Strength Converter for Mobile Users

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  • Pirate Strength Converter for Mobile Users

    When is Gameforge going to implement the ability for pirate active users the ability to convert their points to crew. I play this game a lot on my laptop and phone and I have been screwed many time by not having this function avalible. I am simply curious on when we smartphone users will be able to do this??
  • I'm going to assume here that you meant to say that you were suggesting that "Piracy CP's to crew conversion should be available on the mobile app" and put a pull on your original post. As far as timeline goes - that part we will not be able to tell you other than what you see up in news.

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  • Players that use phone should be able to everything that is done in the game. So if you are able to convert points in your computer then that should be the same with the phone.. Same if you are able to have Pink Elephant in your town.. You should be able to see it with your phone.. IF you want to.. Graphics is only area that can be toned down in order to make game faster with slow equipment. Still I think everyone deserves even playground.
  • The other cons aren't as severe but that Satisfaction one is a non-starter. Furthermore, answer this logical question: Why do we need this Government? Current form of Governments are tailored to a specific purpose: Aristocracy(Build times), Dictatorship(Military), Democracy(Satisfaction), Oligarchy(Trade), Nomocracy(Expansion/Anti-Corruption), Technocracy(Research), Theocracy(Wonders). What "role" would your Government fill other than lumping two existing ones together and claiming its original?