Friends list should be slideable upwards or downwards

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    Ikariam team

    • The ability to customize order of friends list.

      As stated in the title, it would be useful to have the ability to organize your friends list. The list already has numbers in it, they could be used to order your friends manually by score, priority, whatever way you wish. This would allow you to see at barely a glance if a friend you regularly talk with is online, if they are numbers 7-12 you would lose the ability to do this every time you move to another page in the game. For example, I invited my good friend to play on Rho with me through email, but he only accepted after I had 6 friends. Now he was a regular friend I would simply remove a different friend from a 1-6 position, remove the good friend from list, then send him an invite from the place of the 1-6 place. Since I would lose the trade ships bonus however, I came up with this solution. In addition to the practicality of this, it would be a good user friendly change.
    • Well, I'm not going to try change your mind about that, but I would like everyone else that views this to pay attention to the ability to organize your friends list in whatever way you need.
    • I'm not going to waste my time with Fergus, just laugh at the child.

      As for your suggestion, I'm annoyed about many things... you didnt search at all, it was rejected twice, its unnecessary, you don't give a location of where the process will be done, you annoy me with how you can't press one button to see if the other 6 people are on... Nothing that makes me say yes, this is a good suggestion and I like it because you put a lot of thought and work into it. I will say that if I wasn't so annoyed with the laziness I'd give it a 1 or a 2 but I can't get over how lazy people are.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • ah, you are so cute, you wail like an emo but the truth is, you serve no purpose here. You like to pretend that you do, being the person that prevents bad ideas from going to GF. The only thing that you have EVER done here is cry about LaZy reforming on gamma and being a bit of a whiny bi&%h here in the idea section. Now, I will give you credit, you have shot down a bad idea or two. But, mostly, you sound like a 7th grade AP logic student using basic informal logic to shoot down ideas. Sure, you're a step ahead of Rush and the other racist homophobic religious notjobs in other threads, the onbly difference is you've confined your notjub ideas here, instead of in the General thread, but thery're no less nut-jobby. you sound like those people who say "I've played here since feb 08, and since then I've posted not one single thing whatsoever except to complain, but, yes, you all should take me seriously or I'll say mean things on the board here and make you look foolish."

      You're turn. Be all emo and whiny like you always do. You are a tool. It is YOU and people like you (But, specifically YOU) who suck the fun out of this game. Loser.

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    • Sorry, I have searched and found no other threads like this. If they do exist please pull them out of the woodwork to show me, you are obviously the superior forum searcher. I will continue searching.
      It is not a laziness to press a button, but a result of missed opportunities to chat with a friend. Opportunities that would have been made possible by automatically seeing the option. Without seeing the name, you do not have the inclination already to move down the friends list.
      This option would be under the "Friend link for passing on to others" with the subtitle "Arrange your friends list" in the Invite Friends page.

      bamcbix wrote:

      agreed with Bugmeat. It'd be nice if they added some way for you to re-arrange them so its easy and do-able for everybody's purposes. It is still an easy fix.

      I found that in a rejected thread that had a different goal.
      *facepalm :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:
      I DO NOT want heated arguments unrelated to the thread in the thread. PM him if you have that much of a problem with him. :dash:
      EDIT: I found a thread with this idea mentioned. And it was rejected. However, the thread contained several other friends list ideas including avatars. So, this thread is not really a repeat thread. I will use advanced search all the time in the future.

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    • Yes I said that a LONG while ago, not even worried about my opinions from Jan, 2011 to now but I still only gave that thread a 2/5 (legit just looked)

      As for your suggesting he PMs me, please don't suggest such things when I'm in no mood to deal with more idiots and when I don't want him to know that its possible to message people in private.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • It's your issue if you don't realize only the best of the ideas would even make it to GF's inbox... to get put with all the rest of the suggestions we've ever had.
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    • Oh bam is a tool because he is pointing out that 1 button push is not worth the suggestion? I completely agree, it is one click man, I know clicking that mouse must be strenuous on your finger, but try to deal with it, do calisthenics before, so you dont hurt your finger with the one click.

      FYI i did find this thread, more than once, congrats, you dont know how to search up threads, do they hand out medals of incompetence yet? If they did, you would be in the running for it.

    • I found multiple threads, that was in my edit number like 3 after finding out how to use advanced search, I didn't post that I found more than one. I'm new fairly new on the forums. If I didn't know how to search all together, I would have had several repeats already. Do you have the ability to read through all of the thread? Also, how many " really not necassary" changes have been added to this game by game forge, changes the like of which AJ is leaving the game. (food for thought)

      FYI If you could understand post number 8 you would see my point, however, you do not understand my situation. No, I do not care about the post you just thought about making reiterating your "one click statement". Also, that is only ONE small thing it would help. Many people would like the ability to organize their list by preference.

      AJ, sorry but I am confused about who you are talking to with your post.

      EDIT: Turkeh, please close this thread. I really do not want to have to read the posts from these people, as all they can think about is how this thread is a "repeat", and have no courtesy and common sense. :bclosed:

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    • I won't say I hate this idea, but I don't think it's really necessary either. Sure I'd like to organize my Friend's List by alliance. But I can deal with the 1 click, especially since it stays on whichever set I leave it on.

      I think GF has more important things it should be working on at the moment. :unsure:

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    • Bam's already talked about how an Idea gets to GF, Hatrack... But I'll say another part. Try to find any suggestion here that wasn't in the game, that was actually implemented into the game. The people here are generally not coming up with good ideas, but once in a while they do... And then you realize that those ideas, even after they go to pend (like some of ours have been), they just sit there and never get moved or implemented.
      The current campeign I am making is the Gummy Bear supremacy campaign. We all know they are more important than gummy worms, so why do the worms get more love? Fight the worms, Gummy bears are the higher candy!
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    • Friends Online Notification

      when one of your friends get online move the friend online from 10th place or from 8th place to 1st place at friends list or the botam of the online friend that is on the list... that way we can see who is online and who is not some times the front page of my friends list are offline and the back page is online and every time switching back and forth is too frustrating to even see if they are online or not

      have like the 10th place is the most inactive friend :angry: that way you will know who too boot next :cursing: :love: :love: :love: :love: :sleeping: :?:
    • Friends list should be slideable upwards or downwards

      I recently lost 2 friends at the top of my Theta account's friends list because they left the game. I already moved up a friend to take over the top spot of my friends list by deleting and re-adding him. Now I'm trying to move up another friend of mine this way too.This is annoying having to move up friends to take over previously used spots this way. I have an idea to make it a lot easier to move friends around to take over previously used spots. Make the list spots slideable upwards or downwards. That way when you lose people on your friend list, all you gotta do is slide whoever else you want upwards or downwards to take over the empty spots.

      Or make it automatically move up the list when there are new empty spots.