reduction building and researches

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    • reduction building and researches

      alright so I have been doing some figuring and it seems to me, unless there is a factor im missing, that the reductions from building, carpenter/architect/Optician ect, plus researches doesn't add up to the 46% that you should get from having 32% from maxed buildings and 14% from researches.

      So im guessing there is something im missing, reason I think so I will show with the wood it takes to upgrade a palace.

      To go to level 7 with a palace, in the help section it shows that it takes 277,580 wood.

      with the 14% bonus from researches you should only spend 238,718 wood to upgrade it. 277,580*(1.00-.14)= 238,718.8

      then with the 32% you can get with upgraded carpenter you get a new total of: 238,718*(1.00-.32)=162,328.784

      However when you have all this done and go to your palace in town like your going to upgrade it, it states it cost 174,294 wood to upgrade.

      With this when you take the percentage of 277,580 to get 174,294 you only get 63% of the bonus, instead of 54%, 14+32. In which you are getting cut out of 9% of the reduction that you should get. which for a palace in particular is 24,982.2 wood. so for every town that you have max carpenter and finished researches for less building cost when you upgrade your palace/gov res to level 7 you are having to spend 24,982 more wood. This isn't including any of your other buildings, not to mention if the same thing happens when you build ships, or units.

      so since this is such a big difference and you are having to spend so much more im assuming that there is something im leaving out, or missing. Or in some odd case calculating wrongly, also if you add the 14 and 32 together then find the wood you need its far less then 174,294. Soooo...

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    • To piggyback off of what IU said, the ingame help menu lists the cost based on your current level of research, not its BASE cost. Your reduction buildings reduce the cost of its respective resource(carpenter for building material for example) by 1% of the base cost. not the cost shown in the in-game help menu which may be reduced by 2%, 6% or 14% depending on how far along you are with your Economic research. To get a better representation of what you are looking to spend at max reduction, take a look here: Wikikariam: Palace

      Other structures and other important information such as Saw Mill/Luxury Mine levels and the #workers you can employ at any one time(not to mention the cost to upgrade them) are listed there as well.