Time Limited Ambrosia Cost Suggestion

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    • Time Limited Ambrosia Cost Suggestion

      I would like to suggest a special cost or amount of Ambrosia you receive when you spend certain amount of money for the time period between now and the Server merge. With the holidays and the server merges happening, I think that a lot more people would buy ambrosia if the cost was more affordable. In fact, the affordable cost would help increase in game activity.

      Ambrosia Cost Suggestion (For the Holidays, Christmas/New Year & Server (s) merge)
      100:ambrosia:$10.00 *** 300:ambrosia:$20.00 *** 600:ambrosia:$30.00 *** 900:ambrosia:$40.00 *** 1200:ambrosia:$50.00 *** 1500:ambrosia:$60.00 *** 2000:ambrosia:$75.00 *** 3000:ambrosia:$100.00

      The current cost for the Ambrosia on US Servers is listed right below:
      25:ambrosia:costs $4.99 ******* 60:ambrosia:costs $9.99 ******* 180:ambrosia:costs $19.99 ******* 650:ambrosia:costs $49.99 ******* 1700:ambrosia:costs $99.99


    • I don't understand why you are saying "dream on"? The proposed cost is more than reasonable and in fact feasible.

      -100 --:ambrosia:-for --$10.00
      -300 --:ambrosia:-for --$20.00
      -600 --:ambrosia:-for --$30.00
      -900 --:ambrosia:-for --$40.00
      1200 -:ambrosia:-for --$50.00
      1500 -:ambrosia:-for --$60.00
      2000 -:ambrosia:-for --$75.00
      3000 -:ambrosia: for -$100.00


    • -
      Generally speaking and for many reasons, ambrosia is a great tool. Since this game is the way it is and it would be funny to think what if it was designed differently, however, maybe then ambrosia would not be necessary. Right now, ambrosia is used by people that like the features it offers.
    • [turkeh]

      While I agree this would be nice Christmas sales and ambrosia sales do happen, but not at the proposed prices. I think this isn't something feasible for us to ask for.


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