Building a new rig

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    • Building a new rig

      Recently I became interested in gaming and I believe it's time for me to upgrade my current rig..
      I did my research, gathered some opinions, but still, I think I am more confused than ever.
      Below I am linking some components I think would serve my purpose and I would like anybody that knows about this stuff to give me their opinion...
      Are these components good enough for gaming? How long will it be till I need to upgrade again?
      Don't hesitate to ask for further info or suggest other components that you think might be better than the ones below.

      Intel Core i5 4690K
      Intel Core i5 4690
      Intel Core i7 4790S

      GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming

      Motherboard 1
      Motherboard 2


      RAM 1
      RAM 2


      Power Supply

      Cooler 1
      Cooler 2
      Cooler 3
      What cooling system should I prefer? Some say that water cooling might be dangerous due to possible leaks. :puke:

      My budget is around 1000USD.
    • Hi,
      Most of this stuff is very good so I think you will be happy with performance at least a few years from now.

      CPU isn't that important for games past a certain point so you can probably save yourself the ~100 bucks and get one of the i5 models. The K means that the 4690k is overclockable, but I don't know if you are into that or not.

      The 970 is pretty much the best high-end price-performance buys you can get right now. Not much to say here.

      Most motherboards will be fine, but I remember seeing a video series on some of them if you are interested in watching.

      Either of those ram options will be fine.

      For the SSD, notice that the write speeds are way less than read speeds. That may or may not affect you, but since it's also your data I suggest going with one of the samsung ones which are probably more reliable.…MZ-7KE128BW/dp/B00LF10L02

      Power supply is fine. Corsair is a nice brand for PSUs.

      When you hear about water cooling leaks those are usually custom loops. the closed loops like the last one pretty much don't have many problems, although if there is water there is always a (small) risk. The H100i is pretty much the go-to CLC cpu cooler.…-1&keywords=corsair+h100i If your case doesn't have the space for that though either of the air coolers you linked are fine. The last cooler is way too much for a cooler on a $1000 budget.

      Good luck