WLSa - The White Lotus Society's Academy

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    Ikariam team

    • WLSa - The White Lotus Society's Academy

      A big Alpha welcome to all new players, with or without alliances.

      I am the Leader of the White Lotus Society's Academy (WLSa.) We are currently the largest training alliance, and 11th overall.

      As an alliance that has been around for many years, we have trained numerous players to play better, grow faster and fight harder. We offer the shelter of a training alliance that is also protected by our parent alliance, the obviously named and much better looking, White Lotus Society (WLS.)

      We have a strenuous training program set up by our Diplomat and Home Secretary, the famous, but more infamous, Turkeh.

      This is just meant to be a quick intro on this most illustrious of occasions, Merger Day! If you are looking to learn and grow quickly, followed by graduation to the number one alliance, and our parent, WLS, then please join us!


      Sir Tain Lee

      ps. You must be 20,000 TS to join.
    • Cheers and Good Luck STL.

      Just out of curiosity - How long ago did Ita step down? Or am I little outdated ?

      A shout out to Drhodes for some good diplomacy work lately.