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Ikariam team

  • This is a thread so the alliance leadership of the multiple alliances involved with the player HUNTER can come and discuss their issues and attempt to get resolution without the need of having all their members be involved in what will be the running a player out of the game.

    I have listed in the spam section my will be backed by multiple leadership players who have seen these messages or have even received them themselves. I hope to be able to get the leadership of OB to see what HUNTER is like and why they should rid themselves of this player rather than take on the responsibility of defending him from the multiple attacks from multiple players from multiple alliances that are gathering to rid Beta of this filth.

    I also hope to head off any supportive actions by HFX, Xtra-P and SHOCK who have members (maybe unknown to them) who were in HFX on theta and willingly supported Hunter and his actions. Hopefully these alliances will see this is a subject matter they do not wish to be associated with and will work with us in keeping their membership from getting involved.

    I and many others have already been in talks with OB which HUNTER is a member of now though he was in HFX prior to the merge.

    Hopefully we will have some productivity here and rid this server of this filth so that female players do not have to be concerned with having to be subjected to his assault on them in the future.

    I would like this thread to be restricted to the leadership positions (Leader, HomeSec, General, Diplomat) of the alliances who are either already involved or wish to get involved. This way we can retain some form of decency as we work through what is to be done with this player.

    thank you for your time.

    "I consider myself a road man for the lords of karma."

    Hunter S. Thompson
  • It Has to Stop.

    Ben Kenobi here, General of -BE-. There are many who are familiar with the dirty play of HUNTER, a few are not, and right now, a few are choosing to ignore it. The list of grievances against him is long and the many offenses he has committed are quite serious. Think of the most serious issues in Ikariam (knowing that some of them are not allowed to be discussed on the boards) and you will just begin to get the picture. What can be discussed are his making of real life threats, inappropriate (yes that kind) harrassment and others.

    Before the merger HUNTER cyberstalked my leader, Almondjoybar, all the way to Zeta and set up a new account just so he could send her his filthy messages and to threaten us with war. He said he would get 5 different alliances to come down on us and we would be in a state of permanent war.

    Think about it. How would you respond to this?

    Almondjoybar was the diplomat of hfx on Theta and because HUNTER and his pals would not honor treaties that she worked hard to negotiate, she left. Hunter continued to harrass her and send filthy and disgusting messages like dogofwar has mentioned. He was not allowed to contact her on Theta so he followed her to other servers. Then I found out he has done the same to other female players. My friends. And I found out he does not stop until they quit the game. HUNTER has been reported numerous times so far GF has done nothing. I've had mods complain to me their hands are tied.

    So we resolved as an alliance to do what little we can do by taking him on ingame. BECAUSE IT HAS TO STOP. Then we learned that HUNTER has acknowledged and apologized many times for his wrong doings, we even received such an apology, only to find out it was just a ruse to get some of his enemies to back off so he could concentrate on hitting just one enemy, whomever was currently standing up to him at the time. So we are well past the point of apologies. We are past the point of letting HUNTER divide his enemies.

    He continued to thumb his nose at everyone ingame and on the boards, stating on the boards, that he planned to have more than the legal limit of accounts on Beta after the merge. Its all right there in the thread dogofwar posted in the spam section.

    Now Hunter is carrying out his threats. He has chosen to hide himself in the -OB- alliance, an alliance he was not very active in, and who do not seem to know what kind of player he is. So far, no one has been able to convince them. Not even the threat of war. We and other alliances have tried to inform OB of who Hunter is and that he and any supporters of his will be targeted. It is in their best interest, and any alliance that has or discovers a HUNTER account in its ranks to boot HUNTER and let him go back to HFX. If you look at his current town placements he has clearly surrounded and aligned himself with HFX rather than his own alliance. Now he is playing the victim card with OB and it seems working.

    In the meantime, myself have opened up some 1v1 attacks on HUNTER and guess who has come to HUNTER's rescue? His current alliance OB? No, his old alliance HFX. We will post the cr's when the battles conclude if anyone needs to see evidence of that. So I say again: HUNTER go back to HFX.

    We the members of BE remain resolved to attack HUNTER and his allies and anyone who supports him in force and in number.


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  • As a player who had to deal with HUNTER - many times - and heard time after time of how he could be brought under control - watched him get a leadership role - it's a joke to once again be promised that he won't fall back into his old ways.

    To witness the game strategies that he used, to stop others from finishing top 50 in the pirate game was beyond stupid.

    To see the messages he sent to females in-game, and still not get banned??????? GF should hang their head in shame.

    RumR will not accept anything less then he being thrown out of his alliances, so we can deal with him on our terms, as GF has failed to not only protect the female players of this game, but made this game look like a joke altogether.

    Thank you to Svana for the Sig
  • This the same Hunter that was on Delta?
    If he's made real life threats and what not then GF SHOULD deal with it.
    the burden to ban was not very high last I checked.. to hear they will do nothing makes me doubt those particular claims.
    Speak softly and carry a big stick.
    Carsten van Husen: We employee some of the most skilled howler monkeys bandanna's can buy!; Sure they have an unnatural fascination with their own excrement and a compulsion to throw it, But we're still the most innovative simian based company in the industry.
  • raztan,
    I can confirm that this is the same player who was on Delta. I am a former Home Sec. of -TNT- in theta and was a member of Novus in Delta. I was over in Delta before Hunter came over there and was tracked down by him. I was told that the only reason I was "allowed" to place was because VIP had a pirate treaty, otherwise he would never let me place. Also I was told that his "millions of monies" would be used to make my life miserable on any server if I kept trying to place and not give him my points from Theta. I could personally care less what he wants or thinks he can do so I basically blew his threats off. I do know that he has threatened women on here and made vulgar comments to them. If you have any doubts, I can give you names of people to talk to.
  • My name is Kralizec XIX, and during the final three years of the Epsilon server's existence, I served as the Diplomat for TBP, that server's #1 alliance in TS as well as pirates. During the sunset days of Epsilon, an account identifying itself as belonging to the "super pirate" contacted me inquiring about joining TBP. I replied back saying, "you realize I am the Game Operator on Theta, right?" Needless to say, I declined his offer to join us, as we had zero interest in him, his misogyny, or his pirate shenanigans.
    "It is your fate, forgetfulness. All the old lessons of life, you lose and gain and lose and gain again." --Leto II

  • the barrier is in the message not all being from a single player on a single server, tying them back to a single player is a high hurdle He would send his most disgusting messages from "friends" accounts or noob accounts that he would then delete to remake another as these females would block him and tell each other of its existence.

    There is also issues with language....I can say "I am going to kill you" and do so in a manner that does not directly state it is in real life, but if you were to read 100 messages with somewhat of the same content and get a big picture view where he is in fact threatening to do things in real life or at least wants that to be thought would need to have possession of all 100 messages. Not many players are going to spend 100 ambrosia to save 100 filthy disgusting messages from a demented stalking harassing idiot...that equates to about $10 just to provide access for the game authorities to do what they should be able to do without you spending a single $ to get done. And there in lies the problem...until you can see the totality of the messages and then see the totality of the messages to so many females, all with reoccurring themes or context, you don't get the same vision as to what these ladies are having to endure. It is bad enough that they had to read such filth, let alone to have to realize somewhere along the lines he is actually taking this outside the game.

    The messages can be viewed if you request it of Svana or AlmondJoyBar who did save some of them... I believe Robyn said she saved some as there are other females who also received these types of messages and we may just find out there is tons of females who have been harassed in this manner by this disgusting degenerate pig.

    How many times have you seen so many respected members of this community come together and state these are real issues that have occurred and they were proven to be false allegations? I can not think of a single time in the 7-8yrs I have been playing this game. Seems rather odd to conclude the improbable over the most logical answer. But are entitled to your opinion.

    "I consider myself a road man for the lords of karma."

    Hunter S. Thompson
  • Just a friendly reminder that while we are allowed to speak about the issues discussed in this thread, we also need to make sure we are following the rules of the boards when we post. This means that before posting ensure you are avoiding:

    • No Trolling or Flaming: We are not allowed to make real life aspirations towards a persons character in real life, even if you believe them to be true

    • No backseat modding is allowed on the boards

    • No Ban Discussion is allowed on the boards

    The other thread regarding Hunter got way out of hand and we need to make sure that this does not happen again. If this thread does get out of hand, warnings will be given and content will deleted. It is also important to note that moderation/placing of content bans is up to the team and not something that is subject to debate on the boards. Happy Gaming and I hope that you all come to a diplomatic resolution to this matter.


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    "You don't know where I've been Lou!!!!"
  • "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

    I have a leadership position associated with Hunter on one or more of his many servers.

    Hunter has always treated me with respect, even though we first met on the battlefield. He has always supported me when I've asked for help. He has in turn asked me for help on occasions, and I've gladly given it. He has not only accepted my leadership but supported it when it was time for decisions to be made. He takes my advice and he heeds my requests and he grants me all the loyalty a friend deserves.

    Hunter is my friend.

    I know he's a jerk sometimes, to some people, some people who are also pretty skilled jerks and who like to goad people into flame wars. I know he's said some things that I can't even pretend to support, some mean things to people who didn't deserve that, and I can't make any excuses at all for any of the mean things that anyone has said. Even my own. Sorry, by the way.

    But you know what? He's still my friend. He hasn't said mean things to me, or to any of my friends. Whatever mean thing's he said to you he's not *GF censors name of notorious German leader from the 1930's* and he hasn't hurt anyone. Fight him, fight me, fight all his friends. That's fine, that's fun, that's totally acceptable. But there's no reason to stalk him and me and everyone he's ever loved, or whatever your motive is for this massive social media campaign.
  • Sco-Dub-T wrote:

    It is also important to note that moderation/placing of content bans is up to the team and not something that is subject to debate on the boards.

    Considering the allegations involved, unless the Mod/GO team has already consulted Gameforge legal counsel, I would encourage you to do so. By appearing to ignore the threats that are involved, you are opening yourselves up to personal and corporate liability should anything happen because electronic resources under your control are allegedly being used for illegal activity. I don't mean illegal in the "breaking Gameforge rules" sense. I mean illegal in the state and federal crimes of the United States sense. Yes, that matters even if the company is in Germany.

    Anyone unwilling to spend $10 to prevent real crime does not truly feel threatened. Period. Either get serious and take serious action, or move on. Call your local police department and make a complaint, even if they don't know what to do with an international communications issue. Ask them who else to report this to. We're talking about real-life cyberstalking and threats of real physical violence. This isn't the type of thing that gets settled through an Ikariam war.

    No one here is bound by what Gameforge will or will not do in response to these allegations. You have recourse that extends far beyond Gameforge's paradigm.

  • Vengeance, double standards.

    You claim you wish to run a player out of a game over nasty msgs that didn't meet Game Forge banning requirements?
    You do not wish to accept that OB already solved the issue if those suppose "msgs" were really sent.

    IF and Big IF, Hunter is as you describe him getting him booted won't help, since that kind of player will just keep harassing you guys/gals and you claim he can create as many accounts he is pleased with getting around IP limitation so the harassment will continue.

    However no trolling or PMing is done by Delta Hunter, so all you got is making boards claims and in your turn sending nasty msgs.
    Are we going to hunt out of the game certain -BE- players for sending tasteless songs and trolling our members?
    Do we ignore the conflict of bad blood from Theta were ego, Games agenda and phallus measuring contest happened ?
    Do we recognize you guys as the authority of society morals/persecutes/judges/juries and executioners ?

    All we seen is Game Forge not banning and a tasteless song and post about poisoned milk in a thread where everyone trolled to their hearth content with you guys there ?

    Keep in mind, just because you keep shouting something, doesn't make it right, while it is right in your own minds, doesn't make it truly right.

    All I advise is : Take a cookie and relax, Beta was just born, enjoy the game and leave RL agendas for RL.

    Awesome sig by the awesome cookies goddess, Brinastar :heartbeat:
  • Questions that ought to be answered by both Alhazred and H U N T E R

    "He takes my advice and he heeds my requests and he grants me all the loyalty a friend deserves."

    If this is true, why didn't you request he stop when you became aware of what he was doing?

    If you made such a request, why didn't he heed it?

    If he didn't heed it, why are you still supporting him...?

    KAPZ will not stop until the whole of Alpha is free from BP Piracy rules. This is a matter of principles. It is up to BP to stop imposing their unfair rules which they don't follow.

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  • I did, and he did. When I started hearing from other players that Hunter was insulting them I looked into it. It's what prompted my initial series of postings here on the ikariam boards. I made a very public post that said I had asked Hunter and Tiger to stop insulting people like that, and for anyone who has proof of them saying stuff like that after my request should contact me. The opposition keeps saying that no one can control Hunter and that people have promised this before, blah blah.

    I don't read the boards. I've had more activity here in the last month than I have in the last 7 years. I'd rather just play.

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  • Sorry, Alhazred, But Your Last Post Is Not Even Remotely Accurate

    Alhazred wrote:

    I did, and he did. When I started hearing from other players that Hunter was insulting them I looked into it. It's what prompted my initial series of postings here on the ikariam boards. I made a very public post that said I had asked Hunter and Tiger to stop insulting people like that, and for anyone who has proof of them saying stuff like that after my request should contact me. The opposition keeps saying that no one can control Hunter and that people have promised this before, blah blah.

    I don't read the boards. I've had more activity here in the last month than I have in the last 7 years. I'd rather just play.

    You asked HUNTER to stop his messages long before he even created this thread:

    Hunter The Best Supper Duper Pirate & The Great Pillager

    Did you read this thread? (Probably not) Was HUNTER out of bounds in this thread? (Absolutely!)

    And, not only that, HUNTER continued his messages to certain people on Zeta long after your "very public post" and they have the proof, but for some reason, neither you nor his other main defender here on these message boards wants to see this proof.

    The fact of the matter is that neither you, nor Ghetoojesus, nor TIGER nor anyone else who claims they can control HUNTER can actually control HUNTER and you are being extremely disingenuous when you claim that you have controlled HUNTER.

    P.S. I found word definitions on the internet, too.



    not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does.
    synonyms: insincere, dishonest, untruthful, false, deceitful, duplicitous, lying, mendacious;
    "that innocent, teary-eyed look is just part of a disingenuous act"
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  • That thread from Theta.
    Only shows that all those who posted there are trolls, and hardly have any justification to stand and claim damages from their trolling.
    When you troll others expect to be troll in return.
    Not to mention language bullying someone.

    It was a giant Ego and Phallus measuring contest there, clearly some people are not satisfied with the results so they decide to drag it to Beta as well.

    Just to make clear I don't make Hunter innocent in all this, is got blame as well for been part of that giant troll fest.

    Regarding TAG hiding in OB, dragging multi alliances to attack you, Hunter was a member of an alliance on Delta, surprise to see him joining his alliances mates on Beta as well.
    In addition OB leadership offered you a road map to solve the issue, all of you guys rejected it in your zealotry for revenge for the unsatisfying results probably of the infamous theta thread.

    The only one who are doing attacks are -BE- members, not mention the various threats on the boards to scale it up.

    Awesome sig by the awesome cookies goddess, Brinastar :heartbeat:
  • Both Methos and Alhazred Can't See The Forest Due To The Trees

    Two people on these message boards keep claiming they can control HUNTER's behavior. The fact remains that many have tried before you and all have failed and at least one of you has tried it before and failed (ahem, Alhazred), and yet, you two now believe that you will get different results.

    Due to the rules we must all follow, we cannot publicly post our proof, but both of you have been offered this proof via different avenues. However, neither of you will do the one thing you must do to get that proof . And when I point out that HUNTER's behavior did not change *after* Alhazred's public announcement to HUNTER to cut it out and he ignored her, then somehow that does not count due to some bizarre technicality that Menthos wants to use to make further excuses for HUNTER's behavior.

    The simple fact is that neither of you want to see the proof, because that would take you out of the world of self-delusion in which each of you have decided to reside. We can only lead you to the water, we can't make you drink it. That is something you will have to do when you decide you are really ready to deal with this problem.

    So, let me summarize the original intent of this thread.

    1. Fact, HUNTER has misbehaved in such a way that his actions will no longer be tolerated by a wide array of Ikariam players.

    2. Fact, HUNTER (and all his various accounts) will be hunted down no matter where he chooses to hide. Nobody is asking permission to be allowed to hunt HUNTER. The time for chances to control HUNTER ended months ago. When even his RL friends cannot control him, what chance do you think mere alliance mates have of controlling him?

    These two facts were meant as fair warning to anyone who chooses to defend HUNTER in any battles.
    Revenge is not a dish best served cold. Revenge is a dish best served at 3 million degrees Celcius.
  • I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means...

    Alhazred wrote:

    That's great. I think we've all got that at this point. Attack anyone you want. Just knock off the spam and insulting board threads.

    Alhazred, you have a strange definition of "insulting". To point out HUNTER's bad behavior to the entire Ikariam community is only "insulting" to someone who keeps defending the indefensible. You keep comparing apples to oranges hoping beyond hope that the average board reader is too ignorant to understand your attempts at misdirection. Sadly for you, they are not.
    Revenge is not a dish best served cold. Revenge is a dish best served at 3 million degrees Celcius.