War system made official.

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    • In game message telling when will a war start and end in your alliance and better way to promote fair play in war

      I not sure if this idea been posted or part of the idea is posted before, if it has sorry for the spam (This person is got lazy to search the forum but not lazy to type this post, its weird, I know)

      I seen DOW posted by some alliance in some servers and some don't post it and just let the CR do the talking in the forum. Some of them bother to post when the war begins and end some don't.(Maybe their diplomats has already discussed this in game so they don't bother posting it in the forum)

      How I like to improve this is to have an in game option for war declaration on other alliance. The option can only be sent through the embassies of leader and diplomats of the alliance and the duration of the war can be chosen from eg. minimum 1 week to maximum 4 weeks. The recipient of the war declaration in the form of PM will be the other alliances' leader and diplomat. Just in case both of them are in vmode, the general will receive it. The war declaration PM in the view from the recipient should be prioritize to be at the top of the diplomatic advisor pop out screen and maybe marked by a certain color, eg Red ( just like certain important news we receive in game that is marked as yellow) .

      Of course there will be 2 option, Accept or Deny. Upon accepting, the red message will be visible to all the alliance member involved in the war stating when the war start and end. The message will not disappear until one party decide to surrender or the war period end. War however will not commence immediately but 5 days upon accepting the war declaration. This is to allow both alliance to start fairly and also allow member to get prepared for the war. Of course, player can continue to attack before the war start but the CR posted in the forum should count only the CR when the war period really begin.

      My idea in a form of step by step to declare war

      Embassy building>>Search for alliance>>Alliance page you wish to declare war upon>>Under diplomacy options>>(The new option )Declare war option>>Set war period from 1 week up to 4 weeks>>Click send.

      How the message will look: (enemy alliance name) has declared (time period) war with your alliance, (your alliance name).
      Upon accepting, war will begin in +5 day on the date it was accepted 0:00 server time and end according to when the time period stated in the message.

      If alliance is not please with the time period, they can deny the message and send them their desired time duration. If they wish for a longer war, they could always declare again.

      I personally feel that war should not be declared only if there are disputes between alliance, War can also be used to make friends in game and can be declared any time just like a friendly game between alliance.
    • Alliances at war

      I would like to see added to the inside of the alliance, an option to Officially declare war on another alliance, let the alliance vote on the action and if approved light up the enemy islands with a red flag in addition to opt out and stay neutral and have islands and towns shown with a white flag. This option would give the alliance a say in fighting or not as well as marking targets clear and those who do not wish to partake be marked as such.

      Those with a white flag can still be attacked, but only occupied and the opposing force would just walk in and take the town. In addition they would have the option to opt in to the war if they choose.

      Those who partake in the war would have their islands marked with a red flag visible to the enemy once a DOW is issued from inside the alliance.

      Making a DOW from the alliance would make declaring war easier and make it not have to come from the forum.
    • War system made official.

      Greetings Ikariam community!

      I will try to make this as short as possible.

      As we all know now, war declaration are pretty much useless, many alliances fight without even bother declaring war. I suggest we add a *war declaration* button into the game, or a war declaration on the Forum will be made official in-game through a message, and the alliance being declared war on can actually deny or accept the challenge.

      This will put both alliance into war state, and after a period of time (month, year, etc), the total Offence and Defence points of both alliances will be added up, whoever win the war will be announced through an in-game message. This way ALL battles will be counted instead of only those that get posted on the Forum. The winner will get an amount of resources in equivalent to their Offense and Defense points, and spread equally among members of the alliance. I believe this will spice things up a bit as it encourages people to go to war more often.

      And to avoid people abusing this feature, something like "You need at least 10 players in your alliance to declare war", and/or you cannot declare war on this alliance again after a certain period of time.

      What do you guys think?
      Put your ideas here.