War system made official.

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    Ikariam team

    • As we all know currently only way GOs or SGOs know about a war declartion 12hours after posting to remove bash rules is by the forums.

      I love my forums and do not want it to go away but offesnives and defensive moves are only publicized by a person posting a CR.

      Heres my idea.

      War delcartions done in the game instead of Forums. After it has been declared by fearless leader there comes a meter. Now this is all delt with by O-Points and D-Points. But O-points I see are currently bugged since I don't do much damage and my O-points climb alot and never fall off (I am not reporting it as a bug atm). More meter goes a certain way more you know whi is truely winning. It would cause less drama for our MODs while at the same time show the truth.

      Now a second aspect is hostilities between another alliance. So lets say for example My alliance starts hitting or probing or doing something to another alliance. The leadership see a meter showing hostilities between another alliance where they can intervine. Now with that same meter if they go past a certain point. War declares itself with action instead of turning it on.

      Now here comes the kicker part. Lets say you went to war and won. You know show a won and who it was against. Then lets say you are the loser. You show who you lost and who it was against. This shows up on external page via GameForge not user.

      This will prevent the entirely long drawn out issue who is better than the other since your external page shows it. Also another way to show on high scores list instead of Total Score and Average Score. We could have wins and loses.

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    • good idea, but wh osees this Meter just the leader or everyone, because we are talking about 300+ alliances per server so will it be a page full of meters or can you select which alliance meter you would like to view via a "search" function.

      other than that concern, i love it

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    • I don't get it - how are O and D points related to a war? If I have a ton of D points, I can either say "I am a good defender" or "I am constantly being pillaged". You can twist the two stats both ways.

      In any case, automatic war is also ridiculous, for obvious reasons. It would easily cause things to get out of hand.

      There also is no real "winners" and "losers" in a war. If I have to acquiese to another alliance's demands but also bring it to it's knees, making it easy prey for another alliance, no one can really say who "won" and who "lost". That's the whole reason why we have those arguments in the first place.
    • Deus Ex Machina wrote:

      In any case, automatic war is also ridiculous, for obvious reasons. It would easily cause things to get out of hand.

      There also is no real "winners" and "losers" in a war. If I have to acquiese to another alliance's demands but also bring it to it's knees, making it easy prey for another alliance, no one can really say who "won" and who "lost". That's the whole reason why we have those arguments in the first place.
      Ok take out the idea of O-Points and D-Points for an entire alliance.

      I am going to use a Beta scenario on this. EP!C constantly hits Fate. After a certain point War turns on and bashing policy goes away. This would take alot of constant hits. But which way can you judge someone. CRs they post or not post.

      You can have a surrender button in it if need be. But after a certain point theres an official war or unofficial wars but each war should be showed to increase the validity of each comment sent on the spam board.

      But the other thing this meter or In Game declaration can do is inform the people that never read rundmail, never read the forums and don't goto their alliance homepage. It will show them after they login. Then from that point they might actually think "oh theres a war I need to defend myself and make a quick military" or "oh theres a war lets attack them instead of my farms".

      My alliances do so many rundmails a day I constantly are needing to delete by the minute. Not hour or day but minute.
    • I think this is a great idea! Imagine a world without whining about who won each war! I like the idea of having the war shown along with it's outcome being shown on the alliance pages.
    • It is a great idea, I like the part about it showing how many wins and loses, Gozerian you said after reaching a certain number of points war automatically turns on, can also the leader just turn it on before the number is reached by saying "we reached war" to the other leader.
    • Here, let me say this how I think would be awesome

      1. One of the leaders MUST press a button to start a war

      2. It should actually be official then, you should see enemy towns being like yellow or something.

      3. There should be a meter based on these things:
      1. Offensive-Defensive: If it is positive, yours goes up
      if it is negative, your side of the meter goes down
      2. Victories- if you are on the defensive, and you win, it slows down the negativity
      if you lose, it goes at normal speed
      joint attacks speed it up

      3. When the bar of one alliance no longer is there, your citizens get a bit restless, and a tad of corruption happens
      4. You must surrender or not surrender, unless both alliances press the button "Stalemate" in which it is then declared Stalemate

      5. In the embessy, you can go to a "hostility" section, you'd be able to select an alliance (just like in the "find alliance" part) by typing in any of the things, and see their hostilities, which is based on the same things as the war thing, just less important
    • Making official wars an in game mechanic has been propsed a few times already. I believe the response from board staff was that Game forge has stated that they don't intend to implement a feature like this.
    • I want this as an Alliance based meter. More attacks on another alliance forces war actions where neither side can complain about each other attacking the other it is war now finish it concept.

      Yes Leaders can press the red button to speed the process up.

      I would have suggest what would happen if you attacked someone while in war that wasn't in the other alliance. But that would turn heads away. Was orginally thinking 10% loss of all outside war loot penalty but that would take away from attacking inactives for sulfur and stuff.

      Yes win a defending attack bar goes slightly down for whatever damage was done. It goes up if you attack and alot of damage was done. It is all by how much you destroy of the other person's military score. Since there is no "features" that help that out. You take out 120 motars of your opponent thats consider alot of damage where the meter or bar goes closer to victory point.

      Yes there is a surrender but there is no stalemate cannot be pressed for atleast 7 days.

      My main goal with this suggestion is to prevent the he said she said battle in the forums.

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    • It's hard now to say "it's been proposed before." 3.2 revolutionized Ikariam enough where things like cavalry actually CAN be suggested

      oh also, alliances should pick a "banner" color, that is the color of their bar

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    • Declare War

      How about we have an ability that goes either to the leader, general, or diplomat where an alliance can send a real proclamation of war. Whoever has the ability who just select the alliance your alliance wants to go to war with and under contact diplomat it would say Declare War. There would be a confirmation saying do you really want to declare war on this alliance to make sure no wars are declared on accident and once the declaration is sent a message goes to all members of the alliance saying this. xxxx alliance has declared on your alliance.
    • It would be nice if wars had an in-game mechanic to them. Sadly when this has been brought up in the past board staff has stated that Gameforge has been pretty clear that they have no intention of implementing this sort of idea.

      I'll give it anyway. Just like I did the last time.

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    • i find it difficult to assess who's winning or who's losing when it comes to war
      with those numbers of cr posted on board why don't ikariam decides the winner

      first both alliance must first select on what type of game they want to play or how they would like to end the war

      sample 1.

      before a war starts leader of alliance a should notify alliance b of agreed total damage
      if alliance b agreed thats the official time the ikariam measure the number of damage recieved by both
      if the number of damage is meet then ikariam declares the winner

      hows that?

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    • they are, for whatever reason, already thinking about making an in-game war mechanic and this will not work out at all. Some alliances say that they want the war to end when they say so, others say a time limit, damages ect thats all not going to fit in some little graph like that and then when both alliances... or simply just the declaring alliance wants to extend that, what happens then? Too many things that this idea leaves out therefore a Zero is best fitting.

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    • All three of those have nothing to do with how MOST wars are declared, fought out and won. This would become completely pointless. Wars are fine as they are and if you'd like to calculate the damages, you may but still, wars are not to be mechanical and basically decided for you due to some stupid graph.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:

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    • those are just samples moron
      theres no flag in ikariam

      my point here is , the ikariam or the game itself should declare the winner base on the agreed terms not by players by both alliance who's declaring they are the winner

    • I wouldn't want wars automatically ended by the system just because they reach a certain damage point or whatever. But I would absolutely love to see several aspects tracked during a war. Things like unit losses, pillaged resources, number of players to leave an alliance or go into v-mode during the war. Right now there's nothing more than BS PR in the war topics. It could make these things interesting to outside parties as well. They would have more than just the "We're winning. Nuh'uh, we are" exchanges that go on in the war topics. They could see for themselves who is really hurting who the most.

      But regardless of the stats the actually players should have to end the war themselves. If they agree a certain damage threshold must be met then they will still have to go and call an end to the war themselves once that point is reached. With the exception perhaps of a "Timed war". That should be the only sort where the system automatically calls an end to the war and stops tracking any war stats.

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