SPARTAN Alliance from Tau

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    Ikariam team

    • SPARTAN Alliance from Tau

      (SPA-R) - Spartan Reborn

      - a peaceful alliance from Tau

      - we accept all types of players who are willing to work with us (training, trading, defense, offense, building, pirating... etc)

      - we treat PIRACY as part of aggressiveness but we honor Diplomatic Agreements like: feeding and cooperating

      - we use Diplomacy as a means of communication and resolution but we also know how to deal with aggression

      - we accept Peace Treaty / Non Aggression Pact and Mutual Defense Pact

      - we do not tolerate leeching in both resources and miracles

      - INACTIVES are fair game

      ------WE ARE NOW RECRUITING------

      ------WE ARE NOW RECRUITING------

      ------WE ARE NOW RECRUITING------

      Leader: Lt Picker
      General: Honeybee
      Diplomat: Capt Starfox
      Home Secretary: -freak-

      Postied for my Father Lt. Picker / SPA-R Leader
    • I have actually experienced problem with my Board account, it says it was banned but was not, and now it's working again...

      Thanks to Fearless for posting here... I did not have the chance to post in the past as I was busy on other servers activity.


      We will help train you with all what we know and from other friends on other servers...

      SEE YOU IN-GAME...

      Lt Picker
      Leader of the Spartans (SPA-R)