Move button now says "submit query"?

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    • Move button now says "submit query"?

      What happens if I click submit query button from town I have already moved?

      If I click does my town move? tell me I already moved? give me options?

      If I have open moves can I move a town more than once? :?:
    • Lysippe wrote:

      You can move a town more then once but that also means you can not move an other town.
      You get as much moves as town.
      So if you have 10 towns you get 10 moves.
      The only thing i can say is use them wise.

      :thumbsup: but i do wish they give also the target server's a free move
      -=^sleeping knights^=-

      "survival of the fittest",
      "the strong shall live and the weak shall die"