Event extended?

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    • Actually, it affects the larger players more, at least in terms of savings.

      Even if they cancel it suddenly I ain't going to complain, the savings are insane, the ability to build an army, destroy it utterly then have full population again before you're even halfway through destroying the army is amazing. For newer players, the ability for them to populate TH's inside a few hours instead of a day is a huge boon.

      omixgodlydemon wrote:

      non-nonsensical talk's was spidey's forte, you cant do nothing about it :D

      Making sense is my forte and there's nothing you can do about it. :D
    • I think it was a last minute decision, they posted a msg a couple days ago that time was running out.. but when we got right up to the line from what I understand a lot of donations and moves have not been used.. so they extended it another week.

      I do agree an announcement should have been made.. although Im glad they extended it another week.
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