Raise the max achievement level

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    • Raise the max achievement level

      While some of the achievements are a joke (having 3 workshops... really, come on!), and some may think they are lame because they only track recent play instead of your Ikariam lifetime play; Some of them are actually kind of fun because they let you keep track of things you do in the game.

      For example, under Defense (not sure why it is in Defense because you are actually on offense when you are completing this achievement) there is total loot pillaged. Right now it is maxed out at 40,000,000 goods. I enjoyed this aspect of the game because it let me keep track of how much foot I have pillaged weekly and was kinda fun to see... Well now that I am level 6, it is maxed out and I no longer can track anything because I have reached its max. The problem is I reached this max level in just 3 months! Come on!! These achievements should also have long term objectives that would actually be hard to meet such as 100,000,000 goods, 500,000,000 goods and 1,000,000,000 goods. This would allow us to continue to track our loot production and continue to have goals to strive for. Other limitations will fall into place with units killed... One or two big wars and everyone will have this maxed out as well... What fun is that? In 6 months to a year everyone will have the same achievement score and it will just be a useless part of the game... Just adding a few more levels that are more difficult to reach will make these achievements continue to be relevant...

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    • I like this idea,
      GF should add a feature to view more indexes like how many loots you get, how many goods you trade, how much you have spent on military production. etc.
      I talk to people and size is not a thing that matter