Lex Gabina [LG] Declares War on Business Tycoons [Mogul]

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Ikariam team

  • One way to keep Mogul guessing about who to hit next is to drop the LG tag then a few days later, pick it back up.

    Last week Superfly was getting a proper hello from 'the builder alliance' when he suddenly dropped tag. As is common practice we put down the super flyswatter and called off the slow boats. When someone leaves the alliance, they are no longer a target right?

    Superfly had a few days without any attention and is now back in LG. He could have sent a PM to us letting us know that his removal was by mistake or by accident and that he was in fact still involved. But, he didn't. No class at all.
  • Offer to TC, SuperFly and to any LG member who reads this...

    A couple weeks ago, our diplomat Basura has recieved an ika-PM from mrs magoo which outlined a condition for LG to end this war. I know I should have copied the message and should have posted on the boards to have it documented. My mistake...

    The said condition was something like, if the Moguls accept the loss and write a poem which mentions the military prowess of LG and blah blah blah... Bleh, sorry, threw-up in mouth a little.

    Right at this moment, I'll try my best to have empathy for all parties involved in this war, and say this:
    1. I think the LG management/leadership (by that, I mean the leader and the diplomat) are a joke. Clearly, they lack the basic knowledge of diplomacy rules and DOW ettiquette, etc. I (dont agree with, but) understand that they can't lick what they spit and can't give us a straight answer for the conditions to end this war. They can't even post the message they sent to us, on the board, for all Alfa to see it. If mrs. Magoo sees this, I invite her to post the message here, on the board.
    2. It is clear that except for 2 players in LG, the rest are uninterested in this war. Although I applaud their effort, all things being equal, no matter which way you slice it, they wont be able to come out on top. Not because they are unworthy warriors, but because we will have the strength in numbers. So, sooner or later they will exhaust all resources to fight any longer.
    3. Real Life is exactly what that is, REAL. We all have important stuff going on in our lives and we all attend to it first and foremost. At time we can't focus on the game, which is very understandable. This is exactly what happened to us a couple weeks ago, and exactly what happend to TC last few days. Although he doesnt make it easy on himself because he runs his mouth more than he should, I still try to understand him. It's not easy to carry the whole alliance's load on your shoulders.
    He did best he could. He moved his ships between our towns almost at will, when we were not online, or ready to block him. He is a focused fighter, knows when to retreat. He is doing a very good job with guerilla type of fighting, I must admit. And if the war goes on, he can be a head-ache for us, in spurts, from time to time.
    3. SuperFly is the other continue-to-be active player of LG, who did more damage before we were able to get organized in that region. Once our members knew what/who/how to fight against, his damages came to a sudden stop. I know he dropped his LG tags for a few days but I'm not naive enough to say "we made him to do that". He is now back to LG, and am pretty sure is ready to be back at it.

    That's it... These 2 players and noone else from LG. not that I want to fight against more opponents, but it is mind boggling for a war-hungry alliance to leave these 2 good fighters and the rest of their members in the dark as to the end of the war, and vanish like thin air. I'm sure from time to time they enjoy their gaming but in the long run, it's a torture for everyone involved, including these 2 LG fighters.
    I know some of our members already miss the peaceful days, and at this point I really dont care if we win or lose at damages or at loots, I just want to end this war for our members.

    So, here is my offer to TC and to Superfly and to any other LG member who are reading this;
    I dont care about the damage count, I dont care about the loot count, although I have to mention a huge thanks to bloodfreakz for tallying the points. Because the LG leadership has deserted you and can't be found around, I'm ready to shake hands with you two and with any other LG members who post here and accept my offer, and call it a stalemate. The rest of the alliance members will be assumed to be still in war vs Mogul until the alliance leadership (Leader or the Diplomat) agree on peace terms with Mogul.

    Stalemate mentioned above will mean that;
    a. There are going to be no more attacks from TC and Superfly's towns to any Mogul's towns and vice-versa, there are going to be no more attacks from Moguls to TC's and Superfly's towns, until properly DOW'ed another war (excluding an extension of this one) breaks out, in which case both parties will be allowed to attack each other if they wish to do so.
    b. TC and Superfly's navy and troops will not engage in a fight that's going on in any LG members town who has not accepted this offer.
    c. TC, Superfly and Gianto will drop their military score to under 20.000 points immediately (within 24 hours) as a good-will gesture.
    d. Should the LG leadership demand a damage/loot count at anytime before the war is over, the damages caused by TC and Superfly will be included to the tally to honour their effort. Just the same, the damages caused by multiple Mogul players in fights versus TC and Superfly will also count for the very same reason.
    e. Should the LG leadership consider this offer to be applied to the whole alliance, I as the Chairman of Mogul Board of Directors, am ready to shake hands with them as well, and call it a stalemate between our alliances.
    f. This offer is valid for all parties mentioned above until 11.07.2015 23:59:59. Attacks will continue until then or until parties accept this offer, whichever comes first.

    I really hope that we can get to somewhere with this offer. I'm ready to hear if/what TC and/or Superfly has anything to say about this offer. I'm willing to negotiate as long they are serious.

  • Hi Gianto,

    I have messaged you in-game as well. I wish there were less statements attacking our alliance when making a peace offering, but nonetheless please allow LG leadership to get together and discuss. I understand the offer is on the table until 7/11.
    Superfly - -LG- (General) - Alpha
  • Superfly_SEN wrote:

    Fact - OP List
    #6 - Superfly - 179,635
    #25 - schluups - 57,981
    #71 - Tex - 12,256
    Just bringing back a bit of history:
    Off Points:
    Me: 6 - 101,359
    Superfly: 7 - 99,026

    Def Points:
    Me: 1 - 153,247
    Superfly: 11 - 64,616

    And unlike you, I will say that I couldn't have ever gotten these rankings without the help of my alliance mates. Gold, resources, back up in a battle, fighting together is why we're doing well in this war.

    Thanks MOGUL mates.
  • Not attacking the alliance, but the leadership for rightly so. I really wish there was "no need" for any statements at all. But I was ignored twice and schluups was given the run around once, for peace talks by the LG "so called" Leadership.
    Honestly, I feel like this war is "TC and Superfly vs Mogul", not LG vs Mogul.

    I doubt you will be able to find anyone from your alliance's leadership but I have to say that I cant wait to talk with you and TC, and see if we can agree on ceasefire terms.

  • I'll wait for TC to come back from Pillory for his final decision. Tactical Cube, do you have an answer for me?

    Superfly, do you have an answer for me? I realize we were not able to schedule a chat. Would you like to chat today?


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  • Cube's ban has expired and still no word from him. He took the time to clear the 1 ship blocks on his ports but won't discuss the situation LG is in life a rational player.

    Superfly has been busy on the attack while most of Mogul has been waiting for a response.

    It seems the "give peace a chance" group was too optimistic.
  • Ya. My personal response to this is no thank you.

    And the LG response is, we'll never agree to any peace with terms such as MS limitations and especially with Tex insulting every aspect of our alliance 3 times a day. Does Tex represent Mogul leadership?

    Sorry for the delay.
    Superfly - -LG- (General) - Alpha

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  • i will not stand still for any of LG collapse as for that i will come to aid LG. LG, VNS ( ex GnR) or whoever had me in, i will never forget.

    LG, all of you, has told me how formidable you 're to me. LG will not fall. As long as our spirit is high, LG will not fall. For anyone of whom start to call LG is falling, you 're dead wrong.

    Also, i am here to sorry, place my sorry toward Napalm Twilight for which i had been absent on Ikariam and didn't pay attenetion in the forum.

    My best apology to you
    No one
  • Gianto wrote:

    Not attacking the alliance, but the leadership for rightly so. I really wish there was "no need" for any statements at all. But I was ignored twice and schluups was given the run around once, for peace talks by the LG "so called" Leadership.
    Honestly, I feel like this war is "TC and Superfly vs Mogul", not LG vs Mogul.

    I doubt you will be able to find anyone from your alliance's leadership but I have to say that I cant wait to talk with you and TC, and see if we can agree on ceasefire terms.


    Funny thing is, since you want to put it out there, that I sent MOGUL several messages and have yet to receive a reply...

    More to come...

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  • Gianto,

    Yes, I should have posted -LG-’s offer and am not worthy to be on the same server as you, oh sharp tongue one, please accept my most abject of apologies and let us begin again to attempt to end this war. I suggest we consider this war to be a draw at this point since there are no clear winners or losers. If the war is to continue, we shall continue for one (1) week, damages to be recorded by both sides. At the end of this time period, the alliance with the most damage given will be declared the winner and change their capital’s town name to WeSuk@War for one (1) week. The losing alliance will so post on the boards and all members will dress up in kilts, dance the Dervish and the video will be posted on SpaceBook. (Kidding, of course!) If this is not acceptable, give us a counter offer.

    On a side note, the gossip of -LG-’s collapse is completely false and we are in no way going down now, or anytime soon.

    ☯๓เรร ๓คg๏๏☯

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