Task Rewards?

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    • Task Rewards?

      Do these rewards go to just 1 town, or every town?

      Building material 10,000 Building material 150 Favor
      Wine 12,000 Wine 200 Favor
      Marble 12,000 Marble 200 Favor
      Crystal Glass 12,000 Crystal Glass 200 Favor
      Sulfur 12,000 Sulfur 200 Favor

      It would make sense that they go to every town since they are too expensive for one town....however, GF is pretty stupid and clarifying questions like this have to be asked sometimes.
    • Each task is once per day.

      Imo, laughable. The tasks are pointless (your either rewarded for already doing what your doing because it's a task or don't earn them) and the rewards are to little.

      New content would of been much better, heck achievements which do absolutely nothing is a better update imo.

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    • Yeah, you only get the resource in one town. Just be in the town where you want it before you buy the favor. The tasks, and the favor earned, will be reset every day.

      Maybe ryan can call an ambulance on his cell phone and get carry over favors(j/k).

      I wonder what people think about the game deciding how much to donate every day. Is it going to help to get leaches donating?

      For the moment, it looks like this update fixed some things the past two updates broke.

      I am really annoyed that a Palace is required for players under godly protection. I got pissed when I saw my 150 points only gave me 50 sticks :cursing: .

      KAPZ will not stop until the whole of Alpha is free from BP Piracy rules. This is a matter of principles. It is up to BP to stop imposing their unfair rules which they don't follow.