Hi everyone! (Hope I'm posting at the right place LOL)

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    Ikariam team

    • Hi everyone! (Hope I'm posting at the right place LOL)

      Hi everyone! I came from Ikariam Israel and as I can see the board here a little dead...
      I decided to bring the life back to this forum!
      I'm going to bring here users and a lot more!!
      Let's start from the Fan Art forum, because I am a designer and the stuff so first of all I want to design a new group tags for the teams.
      If the board managment will accept my request to design a new tags I'll be happy to do it!
      So my name is Ovadia, u guys can call me UC or UDesign cause I have a lot of nicks and stuff and it's pretty difficult to say my name isn't it?
      Sorry for my bad English but you'll learn to live with it :lol:
      Let's start my project!

      (Hope I'm posting at the right place LOL)

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