DS's Design Factory!

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Ikariam team

  • DS's Design Factory!

    Hi everyone! here's DS/UC and welcome to my design factory!

    Sorry for my bad English...

    What is that?:
    Design factory is actually is literally as it sounds.
    Someone who wants a signature/avater/set/alliance page just need to comment here with the form bellow.
    After i'll done with all of the designs or whatever it is i'll post everyone's request.

    So, how do I get one of these
    already told but you just need to comment it the form bellow.

    What are the options?
    Set - Signature and Avatar match
    alliance page

    I want: (Whatever you want, Example: alliance page)
    I would like my design to be with that resource:
    Sub nick (you don't have to fill this):

    And that's it!
    Let's do it baby!
  • Hi, can I have a Signature?

    Steel background either one of these

    Bloody sword somewhere(Surprise me with this)
    Quote the follow:
    Si vis pacem, para bellum
    He who wish for peace, must prepare for war
    Name in red, preferably metallic shine:
    Steel Home Secretary

    Much thanks to Khepri for the awesome Sig!

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