A few ideas in order to improve the game

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    • A few ideas in order to improve the game

      Ok, here are some ideas about how to improve the game experience, both mine and some stuff people in my alliance have said so far.


      1) Hideout UI improvement : There sould be a seperate tab with the spies that are currently on mission. In this tab, you sould be able to see all spies from all your towns that are currently in a mission, along with the town they are from. ( This could also be a PLUS feature, but I would appreciate it if it was free). Also, when sending a spy on a mission, the bars about each mission sould be on top of the page, and then the pictures and the text, so we don't have to scroll down every time. This could also be done via a new tab on the left side of the screen llike the current ones for tropps etc. Lastly, when I click on a city on the island view and I have a spy in there, allow me to assign a mission to the spy from there, instead of having to either click to enter the city's view or going back to the corresponding hideout.

      2) Allow us to choose how many messages per page are displayed in the diplomatic advisor. I hate having to click like 3-4 times every day to go to the oldest unread ones and start reading from there. Also, if I click for example on the island view or the world view while typing a message, reopen the editor with whatever I had typed so far.

      3)Make the size of the wondows in the game adjustable and allow for multiple of them to be open at the same time. This would make my life so much easier since it would allow me to do what I want faster , and with less clicks and also time attacks better.

      4)Have different rules per server. Some people, including me like it old-school without piracy, so make servers with different rulesets for different playtypes to enjoy.

      5)The game is losing players. You want to know why ? In my opinion, it's for 2 reasons. The first one is that old players get bored of it at some point or they don't like a new change, and the other one is that any new players that arrive here and start playing, often find the games UI unintuisive and old. Truth be told, in an era where everything is designed with ease of use in mind, it is. So I believe a general UI overhaul sould be done, with the goal of making it look more modern and easy to use. There are several design principles behind the way modern UIs are made, Ikariam sould follow those too.

      6) Give us more space on the notes. I use them to send piracy lists on my alliance and I have to copy them into notepad in order to add the cords. It would make sense for me to be able to do that in-game.

      7) A new feature ( not some quality of life improvement, just an idea in rough shape ) : Alliance forts :

      There sould be some spots on varius islands, where alliances can build a fort for themselfes The way to occupy one of those positions in the map sould be by having the alliance build a occupation party and send it there. Other alliances sould also be able to take a fort from an alliance by doing the same.
      Inside that fort, alliance mambers can donate resources to upgrade varius buildings like a wall, barracks etc. Essentially it's a player's city on steroids. From there the alliance sould be able to build an alliance army to hit other aliance's forts or even cities ( some balancing needs to be done here ). Also, a good idea why alliances sould care about forts could be that from there players sould be a ble to train some kind of generals, improving their attributes and use them in their battles strengthening their troops and giving various buffs on them.
      There sould be a very limited amount of spots to put a fort on on every map, maybe 2-3 with the current amount of players, so there sould be competition on this.
      The right to upgrade buildings inside the fort and to allocate resources in general sould be a new privilage on the current rank system.
      Of course this feature sould be turned on and off depending on the server's rules.

      8) Some visual improvements. I think there sould be changes to the look of each building as you upgrade it, in the same way the city layout changes. For example, a lvl 1 wall sould be wooden, then get a stone foundation and get further improved as it gets to a higher level, same goes for all buildings. Also the city layout sould change a bit more often, especially on the higher levels of the town hall, and the city icon on the island view as well. There is a huge difference between a lvl 18 city and a level 25 one, you sould be able to tell them apart immediately. Maybe also some difference in the amount of troops that patrol the city's streets. Its stupid to have 5 hops patroling while I only have 1 slinger in my city

      MOBILE APP :

      1) From my personal experience, I have noticed that the app needs a lot of optimisation for Android Lollipop. I haven't used it on another version of android or on iOS, so I can't tell. I am using an LG G3, and I have seen the app taking up to 30% of the cpu while on iddle, lagging my phone and making it hot. I don't know if it's an issue with the specific version of android, my phone or in general. At least it doesn't crash that much anymore.

      2) For god's shake, let us spy via mobile. There have been a million occasions where I could have been usefull to my alliance by spying but I could not because I was playing via mobile. I have seen a lot of vital game features being added in mobile, and I'm hoping that the rest will be added in teh future too. Just a notice, I have seen a lot of players so far that found out about the game via the mobile app, so it would be best to give them a good impression and at least to give them the chance to see how fighting is from the device of their choise, not just building. ( Hint hint : More UI optimisation needed, and the ability to see the visual representation of each fight's round ).

      Ok, thats it. What's your opinion on each one of them ? I am sorry for the wall of text and I apologise for any grammar and systax mistakes, English is not my native language.

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      1: I believe what you're asking for is already a PLUS feature. So if you pay money, you can have a sensible spy layout.
      2: I agree that would be nice. It is quite the pain to scroll and scroll if you've been out for a while and your alliance is active. I also agree that it is SUCH a pain to have to retype a full message because of one misclick. I've seen some places where if you're editing a message and accidentally click refresh or 'x' for a tab, it doesn't immediately close but give a message saying "Do you really want to leave this page" and that is so nice.
      3: No problem with that. Though it wouldn't do much since Ika only allows one tab at a time anyways.
      4: There already is a minor version of this with the War Server. However GF has been clear they're not going to make a non-piracy server. (Too many people would go there and then they'd never make their money off of piracy because no one would want to play with piracy.)
      5: I don't think ease of use is the problem. I find Ika very easy to use.
      6: That would be nice, though it isn't pressing.
      7: No. If you make it as a suggestion I'll explain further but for here I'm just gonna give you a simple no.


      1: The mobile app is terrible. GF needs to improve it.
      2: The mobile app is terrible. GF needs to improve it.

      Heather wrote:

      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

      HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.