Option setting to decline receiving goods from a lower TS player

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    • bamcbix wrote:

      also, it makes me question if goods are already on the way when you select this option, what happens? If it's anything other than they arrive and you have to deal with them normally, I'm against it.

      My preference would be that the transaction be evaluated when the goods are sent. So if you have the option set to receive goods from smaller players, and a smaller player sends goods, the goods would arrive. Changing the option while the goods are in transit would not impact any mission currently underway.

      Players should still be responsible for managing their account. This is simply a tool to allow them to do so effectively.

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    • I don't want to be attacked by players that have a bigger MS than me, can I make a button so they cannot do so?

      but seriously, I'm just leaving my opinion ion on the suggestion, and you have absolutely no chance of changing my mind since I thought it through before posting. Just fetch more people from LOST to vote it up. If it gets denied and it humorously gets denied for my reason, it doesn't matter, if it gets denied for another one, doesn't matter, if it approves, doesn't matter. The more and more you quote me, the more I'm tempted to reply and just repeat myself over and over again since really my reply to that, had I not decided to make my other comment would be a reword ed version of what I previously said. Did you need my approval to gender it on? Thanks, I'm flattered.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
    • [turkeh]Just a quick reminder that ban discussion is still not allowed on the boards. You're welcome to discuss the idea, but please do not discuss bans.[/turkeh]

      Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
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    • Just came across this thread, and got a question?

      How big will the amount of goods have to be, before you can be banned, as I believe still nothing has to be done against this.
      I hope there is at least a minimum amount, like 10k or something, would be absurd to get banned for receiving 3 wood from a godmode player...

      Backspace wrote:

      If your brains were dynamite there wouldn't be enough to blow your hat off.
    • I suppose - it should depend on each case indiviually. For player with less than 1k points even 10k goods is very good catch while for 20kk player it will be just some cents.
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    • Implementation Idea

      bamcbix wrote:

      I'd be more fine if it was player specific, instead of a lock down play you can do.
      But you never know which small players are going to send you unwanted goods. I would propose it's the opposite, a lockdown on goods from smaller players, but with the option to give exceptions to specific players if you know you're going to be trading with them. That way you don't have to toggle the mode on and off just to help an alliance member out.
    • Approve of this idea. This would help truly innocent people protect themselves and a higher TS player from bans and would also restrict anyone looking to use the pushing feature to ban a higher TS player.

      I would also add to this reasons with this -

      The following suggestion also helps players who have their trade ships forcibly bogged down because someone intentionally or unintentionally tried to push. In the wrong situations, AKA during war or attacks, getting your trade ships bogged down can have an unfair and detrimental effect to your performance.

      So yeah, here's my upvote.
    • So while you're locked down their ships just snuck in and traded with you... huh.. seems like you should go to bugs.. oh you mean hypothetically, if you're in a war and you're fairly inactive and if somebody sends you goods and at that time directly after somebody locks down your ports... seems fairly unlikely tbph.

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      spaPOT wrote:

      no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle: