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    • Diplomacy Rules

      Diplomacy Rules

      Section Explanation & Rule Reminders

      The Board Rules apply here just like everywhere else, though some are enforced a bit differently because of the serious nature of this board.
      • Spam rules are strictly enforced here to keep threads on topic and easy to read. Avoid posting for the sole purpose of saying good luck, congratulations or similar.
      • Trolling is a bit more relaxed, but it is expected that you keep it civil. Insult alliances, not players!
      • Accusing other players of cheating will not be tolerated
      This section is namely used for diplomatic liaisons between alliances, such as wartime and other politics/problems, island diplomacy, trade requests and other diplomacy needs for the server and the people on it. Topics such as Ally/NAP changes, leadership changes, and any other internal alliance business should be discussed in the Alliance Introduction thread.

      Cultural Treaty Thread

      There will be one collection thread that is usually stickied. Use the thread to offer and find cultural treaty partners. If there isn't a thread or if the thread is not stickied, please poke the section Moderator to fix it.

      How to Declare War

      When creating a War Declaration thread, use the proper prefix and name the thread appropriately.


      Limited Duration War AllianceA declares war on AllianceB


      Standard War AllianceA declares war on AllianceB, AllianceC and AllianceD

      You can delcare war against a maximum of 10 alliances at any given time, however an unlimited amount of alliances can declare war against your alliance. War cannot be declared on or by a single player, and war can only be declared with approval of either the Leader, General or Diplomat of an alliance.

      Note: While one alliance may declare on up to 10 alliances in a single thread, only one alliance can be on the declaring side at a time. Separate alliances that want to declare war will need to open separate War Declaration threads.

      After War has been declared, there is a 12 hour wait time before Bashing is officially lifted. Any attacks done before this time are subject to the rules. (bashing rules no longer enforced)

      Additionally, for each War thread there can also be a War Reports thread in the CR section. If both of these threads go inactive (no posts for 14 days) the War will be ended and both threads closed.

      There are two types of war that you can declare. Make sure that you use the appropriate prefix when making the thread.

      • Standard Wars

        This type of war will only end when one side disbands, changes name/tag or if the leadership of the declaring alliance decides to end it. For the declaring alliance to end the War, either the OP (original poster) of the thread or another member of the alliance's Leadership simply needs to either post or send a PM to ask the Moderator to end it.

        If the war is ended from the declaring side and the other alliance wishes to continue the war, they can re-declare within 24 hours and the 12 hour wait time for bashing to be lifted will be waived. This does not apply for War threads that are closed for being inactive.
      • A Limited Duration War

        This type of war is required to have some sort of condition or terms. Terms can include things like a set number of points to be lost or ranks dropped, TD (total damage) taken, or any other sort of condition that you find applicable. Keep in mind that pushing rules will apply, so war reparations/resources be given to the winning side is not a valid condition.

        A Limited Duration War will end when the condition/terms are met, however if the declaring alliance decides to end the war it can be done at any time. Limited Duration Wars are also ended if one of the alliances disbands or changes name/tag. Unlike Standard War, if the war is ended from the declaring side, the other alliance can still re-declare but the 12 hour wait time for bashing to be lifted will not be waived.

      Replies on War Threads

      The war thread should, of course, contain anything to do with the war. You have some freedom to talk about the alliances involved in the war, the politics and reasoning for it, updates to show who is winning, and other diplomatic information that is relevant to the war.

      Please do not post things such as "Good luck to both parties" or "I favor Alliance B" as they will be warned for Spam. The same applies to any other type of Diplomatic thread. Threads that contain too much Spam will be closed or moved to the Server Spamboard.

      ~updated :83