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    • Alliance Introduction Rules

      Alliance Introduction Rules

      Note: If you are looking for an alliance please use the stickied collection thread for players that search for an alliance!

      Basic Rules

      • The Board Rules apply here just like everywhere else.
      • Only one thread per alliance please. Duplicates will either be merged or closed and archived. If your alliance changes name or you need to make a new thread, PM a Moderator to archive the old one before making the new one.
      • Avoid excessive bumping. You can post changes to the alliance that you feel are pertinent, but don't make a new post everyday to announce a small change in stats.
      • If you are interested in joining an alliance, please send the leader or the OP a PM instead of posting. The same goes for wishing good luck or congratulations to the alliance, these types of posts will be considered Spam and warned for. (See below for what types of replies are allowed in Alliance Intro threads.)
      • The alliance that the intro thread is made for must already be existing. Future or "Coming Soon" alliances need to wait for the alliance to exist before making a thread.
      • Do not mock, insult or say negative things about an alliance or any players here. If you have a negative diplomatic interaction with an alliance, it should be posted in the Diplomacy part of the boards in a respectful (and Diplomatic) way.

      Thread Requirements

      • First and foremost the thread title must contain the name of the alliance. It should be obvious to those reading which alliance the thread is for.
      • You are encouraged to post information to explain what your alliance is about and statistical information that shows how your alliance is different than the others. Some examples of what content you could include:
        • Number of members
        • Overall placing in the alliance ranking, how many total points and/or number of average points per member
        • Allies (other alliances or players that your alliance has an official cooperation with) and NAPs (Non-Aggression Pacts with other alliances or players)
        • Recruitment status and requirements for new members
        • Etc
      • Replies in the Alliance Introduction thread should contain questions about the alliance or any other alliance-related discussions or diplomatic questions.