[Intermed+] It ain't big enough for the Four of Us

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  • Kaleg, did you even read that travesty that he tried to pass off as a post? I pointer the finger squarely at Hera, even saying "There's not a single reason to make me re-think not lynching you into oblivion right now" And then for no reason he voted for Amnael instead? No. That was pure stupidity. And deserves to be punished

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  • Well that escalated quickly. Sorry for the no explanation in the unvote post. It takes me too long to post to risk not just unvoting while I type this out. That BW went to L-1 way too quickly for my taste. So amnael you get a pass for today because someone else has screwed up.

    vote teacup

    Let me get this straight you spent your entire post explaining why you wanted/needed to lynch hera and then without explanation voted for Amnael instead.... this looks like a desperate play by mafia to not be the hammer of an obvious BW lynch.

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  • Yes every word said is true, I said what I said about Hera and I still stick with it, but I did it for two reasons:

    First is, Hera is useless but scum? Still not proved and if any of you so called veterans actually thought of this through, we are in one of Bam's games, so yeah try to use your brains for a second and you'll know why I went for Amnael at the end and how he's been lurking most then everybody else so far.

    Second is, I really wanted to see who would make the first jump and as always it's Nick! Please save your crap about how you jump straight at the one you find scummiest because I don't buy it for a second, it's bloody obvious what your trying to do and how you do it.
  • First off, I don't know who the F you think you are, but you come in here and start insulting me and my long time friends over a bloody game and I begin to contemplate your intelligence. First of you used yourself add bait by doing scummy things to see who jumps first as a way to attempt to redirect the heat from you to one of the people that jumped on you for being scummy... you are aware the point is to find and lynch scum correct? Not to find and lynch town? Perhaps parcheesi would be a better less mind intensive game. In short, that was dumb and you should feel bad.

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  • Oh come now, did I touch a nerve? I'm so sorry :( (Not)


    The only thing I will remind you of as a ''defense'' if you want to call that is our last game. If your really what you claim to be then you'll know what you should do.
  • Bro I've been here since the second server opened back in what 05? I'm gonna need you to slow your roll. I've been a GO, I've been a Mod, I've been one of the most feared players in mafia, heck I wrote the original rules that were used for mafia on these boards (still have the copy in my email with time stamp to prove it.) You seem to be using this as nothing more than a platform to troll. I'm done with you, and I no longer care about anything you have to say.

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  • Yeah, shep, this little toerag apparently thinks that he is one of the greats, even though he just started playing. His posts contain nothing but childish, immature attempts to troll, and unbased accusations against his betters, (IE: everyone playing, including Xarius). At this point I don't care whether he's mafia, town, or even a Jester. His mere presence in this game is adversely affecting the entire game, and we are better off without him.

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  • Nope I don't consider myself one of the greats, I hardly make average but I still see what your trying to do.

    First he tried to draw Kaleg on the BW and now it's Shep, Hell it was even Nick who started the BW against X and look what he turned out to be! Yeah X was a mafia indeed!

    Nick has been directing almost everyone from the start of this game and no one is paying any attention to it. I stated more then once on the little tricks he is pulling but still I fall on a deaf ear.

    There's no reason for anyone to listen to me, you can see for yourself by re-reading his posts and you'll be blind to not notice:

    - False interpretation of the actual content.
    - On and off with the voting and unvoting.
    - Directing others and manipulation.

    And an extra note, I left a hint on what my role can be in this game when I pointed at the last game I played and those who were in that game know what that role does so believe it or not, that's your choice but I wouldn't be saying the things I am saying now if I wasn't certain of what Nick really is.
  • Bam, I see you looking at the thread, and just know, this is entirely your fault. If what toerag is softclaiming is true, then you, Bam, are a particular brand of.... A child that doesn't know their father. Also, I will say one last thing to you teacup. Go look at the descriptions of the the roles of the people who have died. Maybe you'll be able to figure it out.

    ~So it is written, in the blood of the innocent, that all shall be burned away through me.~

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  • Well, this escalated quickly. Teacup is venomous. If there is a vig, I would recommend death to Teacup by said vig. (I gather that you, Nick, believe he is softclaiming jester, no?)

    Given that Teacup's exorbitant belligerence brings up that jester possibility, I do not want to give him that win. If Teacup is alive tomorrow, I'd be convinced that there was no vig and would then be wholeheartedly going to lynch him. But for now I personally hold fast on Amnael. Everything I know points to Amnael being mafia.

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • -Hera- wrote:

    wow...this game took a left turn somewhere..I thought games were to be a bit of fun.

    So any critical thoughts on the situation? As in something that adds substance to the conversation? (Not calling you out for fluff, since let's be honest it is pretty intense, but it's useful to get some info too.)

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • I'll be working on a vote count shortly, but it'll be a little while before that happens. Once I'm back it should be done.. Don't mind my active mod lurking, its just me enjoying the multitude of directions and also getting people to figure out roles that are not a part of the game (obviously)

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    spaPOT wrote:

    no worriess..you see im a kid thats why im dumb..kuku :pillepalle:
  • Though Turkeh, you did bring up an intriguing possibility of a second mafia. That would make sense with the 'Ain't big enough for the four of us' title, but how would the numbers work exactly? I mean, 4 mafia + 1 SK in a 12 person game seems a bit high to me. But overall I am curious why you think shep's quick agreement with my idea seems suspicious. I could understand if it was in relation to a person's scumminess, but I don't understand the aversion to a simple game mechanic possibility.
    Well only because I've seen and heard about games with 0 town (and two mafia groups or a mafia and a cult or...) - I could have sworn at least one of those was a bam game. Now this game we know isn't a no town game due to the backspace flip. I am not even saying that what you propose is not true. I just thought it was un-sheplike for him to say "Yeah, it's probably that." I know Shep is a smart player - so lol him trying to tackle and close arguments before they happen would be a good scum tactic. I'm just pointing out that it could be another scenario - not to discuss mechanics, just to keep people's minds open.
    Yes I'm just as lazy as you are because if you took the time to google around you would have realised that unactive is an actual word which is used rarely because of how strange it seems and this is coming from a guy which english isn't even his first or second language! Ouch that gotta hurt Turkeh! Want some cream for that burn?

    Just so we're clear you want points for being able to use google? Well, in that case *slow claps* Also I found this when I googled :P; to help a cup out.
    That's because it's not and I abhor it. The initial post was a knee jerk reaction to a role reveal I've never seen before, the quick agreement was an, apparently failed, attempt at quashing a mechanics discussion that I did not mean to start.
    Lol if you didn't want to get into a mechanics convo why bring up the role flip? Because lol it sure seems like you're curious when you're asking that question and wanting to discuss it.
    I like how I am being accused as I did not jump on the wagon of lynching someone on day one..whether it be a "Policy Lynch" or not...end result that policy lynch cost us a townie did it not? There was not much else being said for me to suspect anyone else to place a vote that I would have been happy with.
    So you're advocating again for us to not use our only tool to root out scum, using a strawman argument? (It seems like you're saying, "Well this one time the guy flipped town, therefore D1 lynches are bad"). Rising up on my scumlist Hera.
    I stated my approach when it comes to people I find to be nothing but useless to me and also my fellow townies and sadly Hera it seems at the current time that person is you.
    Your arguments sound of someone who wants to stay out of the attention, not logical, your throwing jabs at anyone walking on two legs for no reason at all and I really can't deny that I feel stupidity when reading your posts.

    There's not a single reason to make me re-think not lynching you into oblivion right now but..

    Vote: Amnael

    Translation: Hera, you're useless to the town because you don't make cogent arguments - and are unreasonably attacking people, and appear to be trying to stay under the radar.

    So this is a weird argument even if you didn't inexplicably vote for amnael with no explanation. You don't fly under the radar really when you senselessly accuse people - you deflect maybe, but dunno I more envision inactiveness as flying under radar, or someone who posts the bare minimum. P.s. I'm still laughing over the amnael vote with no reasoning whatsoever. I sure hope you're suicidal townie/jester/insane role flip if you get axed or we gonna need to have a serious chat lol.

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  • Nope I will not RC as I left enough hints for all of you, and there's no assurance what will come of me if I did RC in the open and if I will have the time to do what I'm supposed to do.

    The reason for me to throw the hints were only for a selected group to find out what my purpose is in this game is, picking it up is comes only to you and only you.