[Intermed+] It ain't big enough for the Four of Us

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Ikariam team

  • Wait I have something.... Teacup investigated Dark and found her guilty, then investigated you, Nick and found you guilty as well, that would make you scum, but how could we tell that Teacup isn't Lying and that he's a cop for real? The sane cop from Bam's first post died (Backspace), of course he can be that last cop in Bam's post, the dumb one.

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  • Teacup wrote:

    My first investigation was Drk but she was the Godfather and you guys know how that turned out.

    My second investigation was Nick which turned out exactly what I was saying he is from the start and also hinted for you guys clearly in the D2 but no one paid attention, a pure scum.

    Vote: Nick


    I threw my role out in the open as you can see, and there's no guess about who would be the victim next. I need you to start thinking and doing your job right which is protecting and in this case that would be protecting my butt as I weed out the rest of the mafia. Everything is in your hands now
    Avoid my questions more...

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  • Teacup wrote:

    I had my doubts on Drk and when I investigated her, she was already killed by the Serial Killer with later on coming to the knowledge of what her role is.

    I took that to mean he didn't get a read on her. Try to slander me again, scum.

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  • Yes I did not recieve any information on Drk's role but it still doesn't prove I'm insane because at least I would have gotten a some kind of a false information on her or anything but in this case I got nothing so there's no proof for me to believe my insane status and no reason to doubt the result I got on you Nick.

    LM you sure do look like taking a turn for a scum with every post in this phase..
  • Teacup, if LM is scum, then I am not. And since a cop doesn't get a guilty read on the SK, then I am not that either. Use your brain and vote right.

    Speaking of, since I am now convinced you are an insane cop:


    Vote: LM

    ~So it is written, in the blood of the innocent, that all shall be burned away through me.~

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  • Yes indeed I won't get a guilty read on a SK but I would be getting a guilty read on a mafia, and hey you said it, I might be the backup cop so still why should I believe what you are saying? Why I didn't get a false read on Drk? I should have, don't you think? Even as sane or as insane.

    You might not be the serial killer although god knows what modifiers Bam has added but I'm certain your not that innocent either.

    Nope sorry I'm not jumping on your BW and prefer sticking to my vote for now.
  • I don't want to get good, hell think of this as one of your teaching moments and teach me.

    Explain in detail and in proof on why your so certain I'm insane and that my read on you is wrong and probably the opposite.

    Sorry Nick but last time I trusted you and jumped on your BW's I got killed and you ended being the mafia and won the game as well so don't blame me for being noobish or whatever you wanna call it that I prefer being on the side that I'm on now instead of joining in with you.
  • Besides the fact I am currently running late for work...but will make a post..cross fingers everyone at work is in a happy place..lmao

    Just a question is there a way to see if someone is claiming a role to find out if it be true or not? I am sure on .org someone said some "mafia lingo" and I did question what does that mean...and I am sure someone said it was a way to see what they were claiming is true or not..will check that later when I return home.

    but thoughts..kaleg...teacup..

    One question that is on my mind...if teacup interviewed nick and it was guilty...then why did mafia not kill teacup? or did I understand that part wrong?
  • Okay. Before I vote I want to know a few things:

    1. I want to hear from kaleg. I want a really good reason why he "strongly suspects amnael" was mafia or sk. Not just this, but remember when shep kind of reacted to what I said about it feeling like a setup between him and kaleg? I think I was on to something. Shep flipped mafia - but kaleg was the asker, and *again* tried to rebuff my suggestion of two mafias. So kaleg, what do you have to say for yourself?

    2. Teacup I want to know *exactly* why you voted for amnael. Stalling for a read on someone is not a good reason - find a better one. You may be insane, but knowing that you can still help the town by not getting killed. P.s. it's weird to mention drk, because you have no actual read on her. That's kinda scummy in and of itself.

    3. LM there were two people on when bam was supposed to start the day - you and Kaleg. You lurked yesterday and today you're skimming. Teacup did explicitly answer me when I asked him outright what his read on drk was and he answered that he got no read because she died first. So please explain why you're skimming and how exactly that helps the town?

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  • I've given you all the proof you need. The story, the lack of results, the fact that this is a Bam game. All of it. Believe what you will. Heck, go ahead and lynch me. But if you do, Town loses. As I have also already pointed out. I keep trying to show you the ropes, and you keep on screwing it up. So I no longer care whether or not you learn how to play the game. I am just going to lynch or kill you off in every game we play from now on because you seem clinically incapable of using real logic or deductive reasoning.

    ~So it is written, in the blood of the innocent, that all shall be burned away through me.~

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  • Well, LM, I called him insane because he said he investigated me and I showed guilty, which I am not.

    And I just had an epiphany. So, four cops. 1 sane, 2 insane, one of another flavor, just not sure which. Kaleg is positive that Amnael is mafia, and so votes for him. Teacup trusts him and follows suit. Since they can't be mafia buddies , since there aren't enough mafia left for that, I propose that they are the insane cops. Perhaps they even know who each other are.

    So, Since I am almost positive about LM being mafia, that makes Either Hera or Turkeh the sk. I am thinking Hera due to the fact that turkeh has actually been playing the game, and as teacup mentioned in the last day phase, Hera has done litterally nothing of use during the day phase.

    if/when I die, make sure Hera and LM follow me to the grave, or you lose.

    ~So it is written, in the blood of the innocent, that all shall be burned away through me.~

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  • My lack of result was as I explained that she was already killed and definitely was done by the serial killer when I investigated her and if I'm correct from what I'm reading on my second tab, there must have been a result coming back from my investigation on Drk as a sane or insane cop but I did not, Why is that?

    You know what, after a second thought, I don't give a crap about Drk! I wanna know why your result came out like the way it did? Why every time we have jumped on your BW's in this game, it has ended with us getting screwed? You call me incapable of using real logic or deductive reasoning? I believe that's more fitting of YOU because so far every time we have listened to anything you said it has ended up screwing us again and again. Every time you have accused someone, they turned out to be a vanilla and I don't get it for a townie, why the need to use manipulation and ganging up on others because that's exactly what you have been doing in the last two phases.

    Seriously wtf! And you want me to trust you?!