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    • Commonly used Terms and Abbreviations

      As the title of this thread states, these are commonly used Terms and Abbreviations in mafia. This thread may be edited if some are missing, forgotten or introduced. This thread, however, is not a thread for roles and what they do.

      AFAIK: As Far As I Know
      AtE: Appeal to Emotion. Common scum tell where somebody attempts to defend themselves by getting sympathy.
      BoP: Burden of Proficiency. This logical fallacy is based on the assumption that renowned players are expected to find scum. The attacker asserts that because the player in question has not yet found (enough) scum, they themselves are more likely to be scum.
      BWCS: Best Worst Case Scenario. This is most commonly used when there is a claim of a Vanilla Townie to argue that that player should be lynched (if they are scum, well and good; if they are Town, no power roles were lost).
      DA: Day Action. An action submitted by a power role that takes place during the day.
      EBWOP or EBWODP: Edit By Way Of (Double) Post. Because actual editing of posts in mafia games is forbidden in most games, the only way to "edit" a post which contains an error is to make another post containing the correction.
      FoS: Finger of Suspicion. Used to indicate that you find someone suspicious but are not going to vote them, for whatever reason (often because you are voting for someone even more suspicious).
      HoS: Hand of Suspicion. This is used when an FoS is not enough to convey the extent of your suspicion.
      IIoA: Information Instead of Analysis. The general form of this scum tell is "players who speculate about the setup more than they ask for other players' reasoning and/or accuse other players of being scum are probably group scum".
      IME: In My Experience
      IoA: Information over Analysis. Similar to IIoA.
      JK: Jailkeeper
      L-1 or L1: Lynch minus one. This either refers to the second-to-last vote before a lynch is obtained, or a state where a player only needs one more vote to be lynched.
      L-#: Lynch - number, The number indicates how many votes a player needs to be lynched. Eg, in a 9 player game, a player with 3 votes on him is at L-2 (5-3).
      LyLo: Lynch-Or-Lose. This is a stage in the game where the town must lynch scum or they will lose the game.
      MFoS: Middle Finger of Suspicion. Probably self-explanatory given what FoS means.
      MyLo: Mislynch and Lose. A stage in the game where the town can no-lynch safely. However, should they mislynch instead, it is likely one of the town will die the next night, resulting in a scum victory.
      NA: Night Action. Self explanatory if you consider what a DA is.
      NL: No Lynch, when no majority on a player is reached, or when a majority of players vote to not have anyone lynched.
      OMGUS: Oh My God You Suck. While occasionally used on its own as an insult, it's usually used as an inferred reasoning for purely retaliatory actions. For instance, an OMGUS vote on someone is one made purely on the basis that they are voting for you.
      PbPA: Point by Point Analysis. This is a detailed analysis of (usually one player's) posts.
      PEdit: Preview Edit
      PL: Policy Lynch
      PoE: Process of Elimination
      PR: Power Role or Post Restriction, depending on context.
      RTFT: Read the :censored: Thread. Self-explanatory. Please keep in mind we still follow the board rules here.
      SK: Serial Killer
      VI: Village Idiot. This is both a role and commonly used as an insult.
      VT: Vanilla Townie.
      WIFOM: Wine in Front of Me. WIFOM is the circular reasoning that results from trying to determine the choices of an opponent who acted with full knowledge that their behavior would be subject to scrutiny. This was made due to a scene in The Princess Bride displayed below.
      Westley: "All right: where is the poison? The battle of wits has begun. It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right and who is dead."
      Vizzini: "But it's so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you. Are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet, or his enemy's?"

      YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. This means your interpretation or results may be different.

      Thread shall remain open in case any of you have questions.

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