The Real Folk Blues (Intermediate)

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Ikariam team

  • The Real Folk Blues (Intermediate)

    Day phase will last 48 hours and night phase 24 hours for the duration of the game.

    The Rules:
    1. You may not PM (board/irc) about mafia unless it is specified you may do so. (as long as I and/or bam are included in the PMs)
    2. No editing of your posts.
    3. In case you missed it, Day phase will last up to 48 hours, no less than 24 hours, and night phase will last up to 24 hours.
    4. You may role claim if your role allows it and if you think it will help, but, you may not role claim or role hint in private (PMs)
    5. Bold your votes and unvotes. As an example, vote Heather unvote Heather
    6. Bold anything you require the mod to see, the mod may or may not be skimming the game.
    7. A vote goes to a lynch when 1/2 + 1 people vote for the same person, yea, that is a majority.
    8. You must have fun and stay active
    9. Do not post in my mod color.

    Edit to state that at least one mafia member does not kill by traditional way (gun).

    Player List
    1. kaleg
    2. LM
    3. Psycho
    4. Hans
    5. Shep
    6. Backspace
    7. ODST
    8. Jesse
    9. Dragon King
    10. Rup
    11. Reila
    12. Frozen Angel
    13. abduln
    14. Chocolate
    15. imnotgosu
    16. bakakadassa
    17. Jasper
    18. Xerxes III
    19. loosecannon
    20. countrypony
    21. Hook
    22. Gorin
    23. amnael
    24. swordofthanatos
    25. aurther13th
    26. Icegirl
    27. Teacup
    28. poll ludwig
    29. cyalknight
    30. Babyfirefly
    31. Nickwolfwood
    32. Drkangel
    33. Capitano
    34. Finder
    35. -Kid-
    36. ikariam83
    37. Mea1

    Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
    :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance:
  • [turkeh]==================================Opening Story==================================

    Women. Women and kids. Spike kept trying to tell Jet that things were much simpler before Faye and Ed joined the crew of the Bebop not so long ago. It was supposed to make the jobs easier, instead those girls seemed to bring nothing but trouble. Spike spun the ice cubes in his drink as Jet lamented, “Why is it we keep collecting these bounties -- HUGE bounties, Spike, but we can never seem to break even? I’ll bet Faye’s gambling away everything we got right now down at the casino. I really should do a better job of hiding the cash.”

    Spike grunted in agreement. There was really nothing more to be said that hadn’t been said already. As he reached for his glass the bar in front of him exploded as the window behind him shattered in a cacophonous crash. They’d found him - he always knew they would, eventually. He and Jet quickly vaulted the bar, bullets whining as they pocked the wood nearby. He heard Jet yell. Spike quickly glanced to his left, Jet had not made the journey behind the bar unscathed. The leg, that wasn’t a great place to get shot - but the bleeding didn’t seem catastrophic. He spun quickly and took out Jet’s shooter. Another figure ran into the doorway.

    That face from his past: “Lin?”

    “Shin, his brother.” To his surprise Shin took up a defensive posture - his back to Spike’s back.

    “What happened Shin? You know after this you can never go back to the syndicate.”

    “It’s Vicious. He finally staged the coup, but they were ready for us. Stupid old men who listen to fortune tellers. They’re going to execute him and now they’re going after anyone once connected with him. They’ll be coming for you, they’ll be coming for all of us.”

    So it’d come to this. He wondered which side of the fight she’d end up on. “You and your partner should go, I’ll cover your escape.”

    Spike looked at the odds ; he knew what Shin was offering. He hurriedly hoisted Jet up onto his shoulder, and quickly left grateful to Shin for his sacrifice.
    Boys. They always thought what they were doing was so much more important than what you were doing. She didn’t owe anything to them, she was her own person and maybe it was time she struck out on her own. That’d show them - Faye stomped on the cigarette as if to emphasize her thought. Knowing them, they wouldn’t appreciate her until she was gone.

    Sudenly from the east, a red sports car came careening out of control. Hot on its tail was an unmarked sedan, men hanging out the passenger windows precariously with semi automatics. They took fire at the red sports car. The woman driving the sports car looked to be in real trouble. Faye didn’t think as she drew her .45 and took aim, neatly taking out the pursuing sedan’s right rear tire. The red sports car whipped around, the attractive blond gesturing at the back seat, “Get in.”

    They lost their pursuers in due time. Faye offered to team up with Julia, the woman as she introduced herself. Julia took a pained pause to explain that she couldn’t; she was looking for someone. As she dropped Faye off by the Bebop she said, “If you see Spike again, tell him I’ll be waiting for him at the place… and this time I’ll keep waiting. He’ll know what I mean.”

    Before Faye could get the words out Julia had sped off into the deepening darkness.
    Jet glowered. The Red Tail was all beat up again. “Faye! You can’t just come back here when something breaks; this isn’t your own personal repair yard!”

    “Is he here? The one with the fuzzy hair?”

    “Who, Spike? Yeah he is, but why…” before he could finish his sentence Faye had pushed past him onto the Bebop.

    Faye barely caught him. It was fine for HIM to leave the ship whenever he darn well pleased.

    “I have a message for you Spike.”

    “Yeah well I’m leaving and I don’t have time for this.”

    “She said she’d be waiting for you at the place. She said you’d know what she meant.”

    “Well I don’t so if you don’t mind…”

    “Her name is Julia, Spike, and they’re after her. They’re going to kill her.” He visibly flinched at the name. He never flinched.

    “Alright Jet, I am about ready to take off.” Julia, now that was a name he hadn’t heard for a very long time, and had spent half that time trying to forget.

    Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
    :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance:
  • Checking in, like others will post more when I have time to read the story

    What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?
  • Checking in :)
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  • I'm not sure I can vote for anyone as of yet, I've not seen enough activity for me to make a sold judgement, Voting off someone just to vote only draws a lot of attention to yourself, Id like to see people say why we should not vote to have them removed in the first round. This is only my second time playing So i m mostly new to this. We got a lot of players who have not checked in yet, I'm not sure how I would feel if I got my roll sent to me, went to read the thread only to find out I'm getting voted off before I get to post anything about myself.

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