NEW ALLIANCE: The Skeleton Crew (BURNT)

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    Ikariam team

    • Morning Everyone,

      BURNT is still here! STILL Omegas MOST active alliance, and STILL accepting new members.

      Three requirements for membership:
      1. Communicate Often
      2. Always be loyal to the alliance and its members
      3. Fight whenever asked

      Now... Some impressive facts about Chuck Norris:

      The Internet was invented by Chuck Norris so he had a place to put his porn collection.

      It's said that if you look directly into Chuck Norris' eyes you can see the beginning and end of all things... but no one has had the balls to try.

      Depression is actually a Latin term. Translated in means, "You can never be Chuck Norris".

      The fences at the zoo are to keep the animals safe from Chuck Norris.

      Chuck Norris' feet accounted for more damage in 2005 than both the war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina.

      Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig