Moldy's Guide to why am I being Pillaged?

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    • Moldy's Guide to why am I being Pillaged?

      after many messages lately on the boards and in game, i decided to write this to help players figure things out.

      when you are pillaged there is always a shock and anger that your precious goods were stolen from you, this is a natural and understandable reaction to this situation, but before you go off and start threatening the player or their diplomat, here are some questions to ask yourself:

      1. Am I in a alliance? If the answer is yes, you should probably check to see if another alliance has declared war on yours.
      2. Was I inactive? If you were gone for a week or longer without logging in, the answer is probably yes.
      3. Am I leeching a resource or temple? Check your donations and priests.
      4. Did I provoke someone or name my town something that someone might find offensive? While MoldyS**** might seem funny at first, your island mate might decide to turn into the jerk you are portraying them as just to spite you.
      5. Do I have lots of goods sitting around and no Military to protect them? this does happen, especially to lower level players, but there are solutions.
      6. Did my town get invaded by the Mutant Ninja Raccoon Liberation Army? If that happens, its in Everyone's best interest to keep supplies out of their grubby little paws, last time we let supplies get into animal paws, we had drunk monkeys everywhere.
      7. Is the person pillaging me a complete and total jerk? Lets face it, sometimes their is someone just being a jerk and being a bully.

      Now that we have gone over probable causes, lets ask the question "What should I Do?"

      First thing to do is check the board to see if their are any wars going on in your area. Sometimes people will pillage a player to keep goods out of a enemy alliances hands.

      Then nicely contact the player to see why that person is pillaging you, and by nicely I do not mean "What the F*** is wrong with you, i am going to pillage that account that is 10 times my size into the ground because you are a idiot. F*** you!!!!" (Yes, I recently received a message like this from someone who was being pillaged by a alliance mate). Most players will be nice and tell you why they are farming you and if asked, help you correct the issues in question.

      If you have contacted the player nicely and that has not received any results, then see if they are part of a alliance and then contact the diplomat nicely. most diplomats will work hard to help a player who is unfairly getting pillaged by their alliance member, if they are not met with threats and inappropriate comments upon opening the message and you have tried talking with the person in question first.

      If the above fails, contact someone in a bigger alliance or come to the boards to complain, usually someone will take offense after looking into this and help you out. I personally have helped many smaller players with people who were bullying them and made it clear that such behavior will not be tolerated. those players are growing fine and enjoy the game without any issues what so ever.

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      Reminder: Always pillage BEFORE you burn


    • 1. Am I in a alliance? If the answer is yes, you should probably check to see if another alliance has declared war on yours.

      I can't tell you how many times I've witnessed this. It's even better when the person asking is in the declaring alliance. "Why are you attacking me?" "Umm.... because your alliance declared on mine."

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    • Komiker wrote:

      They don't even tell their members what's going on. :dash:

      And who it said that it's all the leaders' responsibility to inform us of what's going on? Shouldn't it be everyone's responsibility? I know that I don't need my leaders to tell me what's going on if I have already taken it upon myself to pat attention to my surroundings and the going ons here :havecookie: