Mafia 101

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Ikariam team

  • @ Jasper and bakakadassa - while yes his argument/case was dropping with WIFOM certain things must be taken into consideration. First, this is a beginner game with many rookies, as such a strategic play would have been to kill the ICs off. If the mafia was comprised of rookies, which it was, this increases their chances of not getting caught. Not to say the mafia's play here wasn't strategic, simply throwing out alternative strategies. It becomes less WIFOM with that in mind.

    Second, almost any argument/case (including those heavy with WIFOM) can be made of it's made correctly. In this case simply reversing the order he went in and going on the attack first, then posing his question would have probably been more effective.

    I.E. wrote:

    vote nick he must be mafia as he's still alive day 2 and the only other IC has been killed off. I mean think about, if you were mafia, wouldn't you take out the biggest threat to you being caught? Wouldn't that that probably come from nick? If the answer to these questions is yes, then why is he still alive, if not that he's got control of the killing role?
    In this example you make your vote, showing commitment to the train of thought. You pose an argument prior to your questions, this is important as it causes people to start thinking the way you want them to. You then pose your questions to further lead them down your path of righteousness. Ultimately you would have been wrong, however this would have been a stronger play. This is a very watered down version of your argument and question so it's not the best example, but is enough to get the gist across.

    The danger with WIFOM arguments is you have to be willing to walk away from them. If you bring it up and it gains traction run with it, if you bring it up and it doesn't and it starts bringing heat onto you instead you've got to walk away and about you made a mistake, which means you must always have a back up attack plan/be ready to analyze your targets responses as well as the responses of other players for actual scum tells that aren't dripping with WIFOM.

    @ abduln - yeah doc is rough. I personally hate the role and would be willing to play almost anything before doc. The whole going toe to toe, with the mafia and trying to out think them, by thinking like them, in an effort to predict who they are going to kill that night. Which you can't do until you've determined who they are. It's a very difficult role to play. Of note though, and I have to commend you on your night 1 action. You as the doc protected FA knowing that she was probably going to come after you d2 for something you said/did d1, because you were sure she was town. That sir was an excellent play.

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