Advanced Game - Into the Black (Firefly Theme)

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Ikariam team

  • Advanced Game - Into the Black (Firefly Theme)

    The grandeur and majesty of space travel. The romance of a tiny ship floating in the black, sailing serenely between worlds carrying precious cargo to those who need it. The smooth running of a professional crew. None of this describes Firefly.

    "Kaylee, what's going on in the engine room? Were there space monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"

    "Not to fret, Cap'n. Everything's shiny. I just have to reroute..."

    Sparks exploded from the engine and Kaylee gaped at the damage in dismay. "Uh, Cap'n. Best we find someplace to land. Real soon."

    "How soon?"

    Kaylee gave Mal a steady look. "Real soon."

    "Work your magic, little Kaylee." Mal pushed himself off the engine room bulkhead and ran to the bridge. "Wash! Find us someplace to set down. Closer the better."

    "We're only a few hours out of Lilac. Can't we-?"

    "No, closer. What about here?" Mal jabbed his finger at a speck on the screen.

    Wash wrinkled his brow. "There? Sure, we could land there in minutes. But that's just a rock. Terraformed, but only barely."

    "Don't matter. Get us there."

    "What's the-?" Serenity jolted, almost tearing the stick from Wash's hands. "Right. Arminius it is."


    "How long?"

    Kaylee shrugged. "There's nothin' here. I have to scavenge parts from Serenity herself. A few days, at least."

    "Just get her airborne. I don't like the feel of this place."

    All roles are in the process of being sent out. Check in once you get your role and we can get this game started. If anyone has any questions, please PM me.

    Game Rules:

    1. You are not allowed to post or share any PM’s received from the moderator.

    2. Unless your role specifically allows it, players are NOT allowed to communicate with other players in private. All discussions/communication should be limited to the game thread only.

    3. No editing of posts.

    4. Roleclaiming is discouraged, but there won't be any Mod sanctions if you decide you simply have to roleclaim.

    5a. All votes should be put in bold and on a separate line, otherwise they will not be counted:
    Vote Heather

    5b.Use unvote to unvote.

    6. All roles with night actions should PM me each night phase with their actions. Night phase lasts 24 hours unless all actions are received early, and any actions not submitted before the deadline shall be forfeited. Day phase will last a minimum of 24 hours, and will typically last 48-72 hours unless consensus is reached first.*

    7. A simple majority vote of all living players is needed for a consensus. If a majority is not reached, there will be NO LYNCH. There will be no lynching of players with ‘most votes’ if majority is not reached.

    8. Dead players may only post at night, and may not post hints or participate in the game discussion.

    9. Green is the mod colour. You may post in any other colour except the Mod Colour.

    10. Have fun, and post often.

    * Since it came up during Jasper's game, I will clarify my position here. If I come online prior to deadline to find enough votes for a lynch I will end the day (provided at least 24 hours has passed). If I come online and count votes and a majority was reached but someone unvoted before I came online and thus there's no current majority, then day will continue.

    Player List (in alphabetical order):
    Bride of Sadistyx
    Frozen Angel
    Little Monster
    Xerxes III

  • I know you're still in RVS, but I'm a firm believer in posting frequent Mod updates so nobody has to backtrack too far to figure out the current voting situation. So far 6 out of 12 players have checked in.

    Vote Count:

    BoS (1) – Shep
    Turkeh (1) – FA
    FA (1) – Rup
    baka (1) – LM
    Shep (1) – BoS

    Not voting:

    12 players alive, 7 needed for lynch

    Time to deadline: 64 hours