The Skeleton Crew (BURNT) declare war on Marvel_Avengers (MA) Alliance

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Ikariam team

  • The Skeleton Crew (BURNT) declare war on Marvel_Avengers (MA) Alliance

    Reason for the DOW:
    The BURNT nation was shocked earlier this week when The Chucks temple was heinously vandalized and his priceless altar (The Total Gym) was stolen. Luckily, with the amazing skills and training of our BURNT spies, The Total Gym has been located. It was found in the MA Alliance capital being used as a common clothes drying rack! This level of evil and deceit cannot go unpunished. The Texas Ranger and the people of BURNT demand retribution. Therefore, we declare total, unrestricted retaliation against the MA Alliance.

    Terms for Wars End:
    1: The 1980's group Millie Vanillie gets back together and creates a top ten selling comeback album.
    2: The planets somehow come into perfect alignment again and Jupiter is in the house of Mars.
    3: They stop selling peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. That's just gross. They are meant to be free and spread individually with one another (join the cause).
    4: The end date of January 5th, 2016 at 1500 USA EST arrives.

    Additional Info:
    1: A separate combat report section will be created so both alliances can post combat reports.
    2: Please do not post combat reports with less than 1,000 points damage. They are just lame and will not be counted in the overall total score and the end of the war.
    3: BURNT will try to post regular updates on the scores of both alliances for your viewing pleasure.
    4: Any resources taken will be included in the overall total score with damage to troops and navy.
    5: The final totals of both alliances will be posted after the end date has been reached.
    6: Both sides have friends in each alliance. "Smack-talk" is expected for the overall fun of the war, but please refrain from any direct insults of another player. Many of us would like to remain friends after the war. Please remember, this is just a game.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • Soupy2 wrote:

    BURNT is offering a Cease Fire in the War of MA Aggression for December 24 and 25. The war will resume December 26.
    Saw this just in time, called back an attack. I will follow through on my efforts to free a mate's port though, since that's defensive and already 2 hours en route, hope you don't mind! His port was empty so no worries, Merry Christmas! :D :beer:

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  • MickaChu wrote:

    I thought ceasefire but still there is a blocking of ports. . .

    By the way!

    Merry Cristmas to all of you!
    Respect the ceasefire and have fun at 26. . .

    Exactly, it's a CEASE FIRE. It means stay where you are and stop fighting. It does NOT mean for everybody go back home and start over. No one gains or loses any ground in the war during a cease fire.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • News Flash!!!


    Our BURNT forces are still driving through the MA defenses. One anonymous military source stated "It looks like a total victory for BURNT"!

    We are getting reports of other alliances joining MA and creating an "Axis of Evil" (as one reporter called it) in the Omega world. These renegade alliances have proven no match for our fighting soldiers and sailors on the front lines.

    THIS JUST IN!! We will be breaking from our regular news report to go live for a General Address from the BURNT Leadership. We understand he has just approached the podium:

    Ahem.... Is this thing on? Testing 1 2 3... 2 1....

    In my officially, unofficial, yet official role, as giver out of things meritorious and otherwise, I wish to make the following announcement.

    This will be a first for the BURNT history books in Omega, as the following pronouncement is made.

    TickleMyT@*nt (just TMT from here on out) of the -MA- alliance,

    We at BURNT find within you a kindred spirit. The heart of a warrior, wrapped inside what I can only guess is a giant nerd (I mean this in a good way) and probably wrapped in bacon. As such, and without let or hindrance from anyone I proclaim you to be.....

    Chuck Approved!!! The ninth highest of all BURNT honors (Just behind "Spice Weasel" and "Lil Peepers") and the highest award ever bestowed upon a non-BURNT member.

    Well done TMT, we salute you!

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig

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  • If you have not noticed (and some of my alliance members might be angry with me); but my hot water heater burst. Got water everywhere. So I went vmode without telling anyone. Need to do some serious clean up and get the water heater replaced.

    So, the war is still going on until the scheduled end date. I apologize to those members in my alliance who were counting on my troops and navy for the next couple days.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig
  • I think it isnt you are the only click the "MAGIC BUTTON"
    I saw plenty BURNT members clicking the MAGIC BUTTON when they knew I am coming or I destroy all there fleets. . .
    I thought you have tough navalist why your mates cant turn my fleets low. . .
    your mates only kill my frontline but doesnt kill my backline. . .
    I wasnt impress. . .
    My fleet will be staying one of your top member town. . .
    Hope they can kill all of it. . .
    Waiting they come. . .
  • Victory Day!!!!


    Thanks for a lovely war -MA-. We may need to do this again some time. Total damage points inflicted are listed below:



    That was a lot closer than I thought it would be.

    Awards Ceremony to follow in the next 24 hours.

    Thanks goes out to Ratna for the awesome Sig