Mutually Benificial "Project"

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Ikariam team

  • Mutually Benificial "Project"

    Hey Ikariam Players,

    What my "Project" is

    I started building my empire not long ago and have since transferred to an isolated area to focus on building from scratch as I enjoy the challenge. If you're into donations, strategy and helping one another to progress through the game feel free to contact me either here on the boards, or in game (Champion). I'm looking for active, trustworthy players who understand the game or have the will to learn. Donation are the key in this game to fast progress and early advancement and therefore leaching will not be tolerated.

    About my Island Selection

    Building after a while gets boring, that's why I selected the following islands. Cause who doesn't love a little fight? Islands are very close to each other (The 4 block or whatever it is referred to).

    Marble = Forge
    Wine = Forge
    Sulphur = Colossus
    Crystal = Poseidon

    A Little bit About me

    Ive been playing since the beginning (Post count doesn't go back that far as I lost my previous account). Ive ran multiple top 100 accounts, but gave them all away as I was too addicted to the game and needed a break. I currently have an account on world Ny ranked top 200, and have just brought that one back from inactivity.

    How To Contact

    If you are interested I will send the invite link through the following!

    On the boards: Send me a private message
    In-Game: World Apollon, name is "Champion"
  • Lord_Aragorn wrote:

    So, hows your progress so far ?
    I don`t know if I can dedicate enough time at this point, but I will see about joining you. :P

    Slow as one might suspect, with only one person constantly donating and trying to build his own empire things can take a while longer. Also due to the fact I rarely use Ambrosia trading resources is out of my thoughts. Currently have 2 towns, with GR's ready for a 3rd.
  • I thought someone might have joined you already.Sad... very few people look at long term goals and they tend to move as a group.Try meeting one across the whole community.Most of players are just moving to new servers to have initial excitement.Later on, majority outside of top 150 simply vanishes.
  • Well I do have one fellow neighbor (Personal friend, so IP sharing prevents anything from happening) but 2 heads is always better than 1. I have also had many inquiries but nothing solid as of yet. Eventually old timers or people from other servers may find some interest and try it out!