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  • Account 'Exchange" Hub

    After a year+ of inactivity I decided to come back here. What happened to the Account 'Exchange" Hub, I know exchanges were no longer supported, but what about requests/giveaways? Do they fall into the same category? Where would I go to offer an "exchange" on one of my accounts? Any help would be appreciated :beer:
  • We don't facilitate the exchange of accounts here any longer as they in essence violate the T&C. So the answer is there is no longer an area setup for exchanges or giveaways. If you choose to give away accounts/share your information anyways, you can receive no support if anything goes wrong in the transaction.

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  • my opinion is that there may some people claming about accounts lost, no one will responsible for solving the dispute or your accounts is being ruined or deleted, that's why the hub is closed.
    if you like to give free accounts without afraid the risk I think it's better option to send pm to diplomats of several alliances let them know that you have give-away accounts.
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