Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Intermediate Game

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Ikariam team

  • Frozen Angel wrote:


    LM how exactly are you going to keep an eye on him? Can you explain that for me please! ?

    Vote : LM

    I was thinking about lurking outside her home with binoculars, but that could be problematic as you can imagine.

    Back to point, I'm not sure whether to take your vote seriously or not. Is it a spam a vote, or a real one? But just to erase any concern you might have, I meant that I would be more careful reading through her posts. I confess I took both her and Maya for granted while reading through past game thread, a mistake not likely for me to repeat again. Obviously she's a natural at this. (I hope I answered all your concerns).

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  • Then I'm supposed to guess? The fact that you're avoiding answering my question, has a scummy tinge to it but I will play along.

    If it was a RVS, I would do nothing. If it was a real vote, I would do nothing as well. You see, I've already answered your concerns in my previous post and have no further comments on that subject. Your answer, however, would help me determine -or at least try to determine- your alignment, later in the game.

    That's the point of me asking.

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  • Hard to gather much at this point ... for all those who are watching me closely, read away :thumbsup: but please don't peek through my windows, as I am quite paranoid and do fully support the 2nd amendment :)
    I agree with Heather and Jesse as far as the setup. I read and reread thinking I must have missed the possible setups as were offered in my first game, but I now realize that must be a beginners' game thing and, for this game, we're on our own.
    I will keep my vote on Rup for now, as baka said, to add some pressure for him to post.
  • Hey PrEditor,

    You might check out mafia scum to look at what intermediate games can entail - it's like a beginner game but with some extra bits added.

    Secondly: Rup let this serve as a warning - you will be getting my vote if you don't post something in thread by today's end here at work. For now:

    FOS Rup

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  • Frozen's reluctance to state whether her vote was spam or serious is giving me tingles - and not in a good way. I'll point a little pinkie of suspicion her way for that.

    Like Turkeh, I'll be likely to put my vote on Rup if he doesn't show his face soon. The point of a mafia game is to communicate. Not posting is effectively saying you don't give a damn about the game.

    @Pred - yeah, a beginner game is pretty much the only time you'll get a list of possible roles. For intermediate and advanced games we're left to flounder in the dark for the most part. :)
  • Well my vote was RVS

    and my next post was a reaction test to make sure why you ask what was my real intention.

    so lets move on :)


    although I don't like to lynch inactives but to ask mod for replace them I expect a mod kill if he couldn't find a replacement. we can't play this blindly.

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  • Thanks for the information, Drk ... now I have some reading to do.
    baka, flies are also not welcome :minigun: and LM, yes, just teasing, myself 8-)
    Back to the game, so far the only person who sticks out to me is FA, just because she is being accusatory, but from reading the Firefly thread, this is typical for her.
  • Eh I think frozen was motivating people to say stuff which if fine with me. I think she was trying to prod LM into talking about his point of view more, though I fail to see how a early vote like that should be taken seriously especially when she defended LM from my small remark. I agree with everyone though about Rup, activity is key especially in a smaller game.

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  • Wasn't trying to pick on FA at all :) she simply sticks out to me the most (not necessarily as scum, just as a player in general) right now because of her playing style. I'm all for getting the ball rolling, and I only mentioned it to add something to the conversation.
    At this stage in the game I take *most* accusations in jest, so the exchange between FA and LM didn't really make me too suspicious. However, as LM mentioned, it could come in handy later in the game when I'm rereading the thread.
  • I'm good with lynching an inactive. If he flips mafia, that'd be grand. If he flips town, still not that much of a loss. Plus, an inactive could really hurt us late game. If Rup posts with a convincing excuse by the time T***eh is back from work, I'll reconsider. Otherwise, I'm voting him as well.

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