Ikariam Addiction (Game addiction)

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    Ikariam team

    • Lord_Aragorn wrote:

      This was one average joke of a thread. :P
      Nice try tho.

      I have a point related to what Kaleg wrote about involvement in a group.Basically, this is true as hell.I remember I had one terribly shy friend who wanted to get close to more people, but something just bounces him off meeting anybody new.He would just stick with few of us.Anybody eventually joins us, he walks away.We wanted to help and we tried to kinda force the things and it did not work.

      All until we decided to join some clubs.Through cooperation and tasks he would slightly open up more and more and this progress continued to follow even outside of the clubs.In a few months we had to admit that the person we knew has changed drastically.This kind of activity definitely helps.

      Don't take advice from this dude, he has never pulled anything in his life.

      HELL got sober BEGGING ON his KNEES
    • Says who ? 27 year old girl who gave her pictures and phone number to several tens of players in this community.Probably because she had an awesome life that pushed her into virtual community entertainment. :dash: What a fool.

      One more silly response and I will start posting it.This is a promise.
    • I am 34, the only player who has my number is Daisy.

      Why you desperate to troll me? Did I hurt you hat bad? Baby please don't crew, don't get mad, come at me In :).

      Post it now fool, do you think I am scared of some punk kid online? Do you worst, I am waiting for you.

      HELL got sober BEGGING ON his KNEES

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    • [turkeh]

      You two need to stop. :P Please remember this is a gaming board and real life stuff needs to not come into play here. It definitely won't be okay to dox someone so let's not threaten to do so please and thank you. [/turkeh]

      Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
      :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance:
    • @Khaleesi, crying to Turkeh and then to me through messages that you will get me banned just turns your age down so much.What`s the problem, you got on my back totally uncalled and started this real life talk, now wanna cut it ? :lol:

      There ain`t no threat talk @Turkeh, we just speaking about facts.If Khaleesi can back up my "zero accomplishments in real life", I am totally welcoming her to do so. However, Khaleesi does know what I know and she also knows this kind of subject will do her 4 times more damage than any benefit she thought she could gain.Not that I would want to hurt her in any way, but it really seems like she is forcing me to do so.Not sure why...

      To conclude, this leads us nowhere.
    • This is game, I hurt your feelings and I hurt Daisy's feelings so she sent you my picture and what? What do I have to lose? I have no man, I have no kids. So what did I lose?

      The difference between you and me, I love me so I can easily post my picture online.

      Do you love you? Where is your picture?

      34 here, I don't look a day over 25 :)

      Desperate people say desperate things, you are trying to blackmail me because I hurt your feelings, booohooo.

      Like I said, I love myself, do you love yourself?

      Dear community, this is OUTLAW, he tried to blackmail me, I don't think so :)

      HELL got sober BEGGING ON his KNEES

      The post was edited 1 time, last by Khaleesi ().

    • False story.You have been known to certain former players as far back in the past as 2 years ago and that was entirely your fault on passing your information to them. Stories (and info) spread, even in virtual communities.Interesting tho, you did not befriend females but males all the time.I don`t really know who this "Daisy" is but I do see that you are trying to twist it a bit.
    • You lie so much, some people are like this, not me :) look, I am sorry I hurt your feelings, it's a game, you need to chill. As for these stories, I don't know what you are talking about. But if making them up makes you sleep better at night, then please enjoy. I just fathom to understand that I hurt you so much that you followed me around this community and then threatened to show my pictures. I show my pictures because I am beautiful, you will never show your pictures because you don't love yourself like I love me :)

      Please continue with your lies, dear Ikariam this is one desperate community member, please be careful. This guy used to hang off my every word, check my wall out.

      I am done with you here, I will be on beta.

      HELL got sober BEGGING ON his KNEES
    • Khaleesi, you make me and others here terribly tired of your story.I am already on Beta, side watching your vmoded account for the past 8 weeks, involving your "fights" with Alhazred.Your 'daisy' crush is irrelevant - I have been added from that account and logically I wanted to see who is it.I believe so hard that it is someone you use for this crap, just like Alhazred agreed with my beliefs as well.

      If you think 'daisy' is what I was talking about, just write a PM consent and I will point you at your private messages that you sent two years ago.I don`t prefer to (you are not worth this crap) but my proofs are in the line.I can even bring you an old mate from NY, just to break your 'daisy' illusion.

      Guestbook posts, eh ? Cheap one.Check your writings, my dear Khaleesi. :love:


      Turning what was a friendship back then to prove some totally different point today is another brain related problem of yours.
    • You both are kinda annoying :P Just get over it already.
      These people had a discussion that you had to ruin.

      Especially khalesi, damn... 4 years since NY and you still battling big on forums.First that multi attack that you classified as an abuse when you joined, then zack incident, then a diva fight with kimber (and mik), then the saga with MCM and the rest of crew about pictures,... and now this ?

      Seriously go get a life.