Hellmouth Ascendent - Advanced Buffy-Themed Game

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  • Hellmouth Ascendent - Advanced Buffy-Themed Game

    BTVS Theme Song

    {Please note: This is set mostly in the Season Four/Season Five area, but I'm not really adhering to any particular season. There may be characters in the game and/or mentioned in the stories that come from any season.}

    "What is it?" "Can I see?" "Maybe it has monetary value..." "Ooh, pretty!"

    "Hush!" Giles' command stilled the babble of voices as the Scoobies crowded around trying to get a glimpse of the ornate box that Buffy had brought back from her patrol. In the momentary quiet, he removed his glasses and polished them before settling them back onto his nose. "Right," he said, "It does look vaguely familiar. I'm sure I've seen something like this in one of my books."

    Buffy said wearily, "All I know is the vampire I got this off was really keen that I didn't see it." She rotated her shoulder to loosen up the tightening muscles. "Right up until I dusted him," she added casually. "I couldn't get the box open, though. Any idea what's inside it?"

    Giles made a small, strangled noise and looked up from the book he was holding.

    "That's not a good sound," observed Xander. "I've heard him make noises like that before, and it never bodes well. So, what unspeakably nasty evil wants to rip out all our hearts this week?"

    Anya patted Xander's hand. "Maybe it doesn't want our hearts. I know of brain-eating demons that would be disgusted by the thought of eating hearts."

    Xander gave Anya a wan smile. "Not helping, sweetie."

    Giles cleared his throat noisily. "It's worse than that, I'm afraid."

    Willow put on a brave face. "I'm sure we can handle it, whatever it is. Maybe I can find a spell to stop whatever it is. What is it?"

    Giles held up the box, which he'd managed to open. "Xander was close. Hearts are involved, at least."

    "See, I knew it! Something always wants to eat my body parts."

    Giles continued as though Xander hadn't interjected. "The box contains the heart of a Prekian demon. It's a vital component of a ritual designed to open a Hellmouth. Someone is planning to end the world."

    Buffy sighed. "Impending apocalypse? Must be Tuesday."

    All roles have been sent out. Check in once you get your role and we can get this game started. If anyone has any questions, please PM me.

    Game Rules:

    1. You are not allowed to post or share any PM’s received from the moderator.

    2. Unless your role specifically allows it, players are NOT allowed to communicate with other players in private. All discussions/communication should be limited to the game thread only.

    3. No editing of posts.

    4. Roleclaiming is discouraged, but there won't be any Mod sanctions if you decide you simply have to roleclaim.

    5a. All votes should be put in bold and on a separate line, otherwise they will not be counted:
    Vote Heather

    5b.Use unvote to unvote (optional if changing vote).

    6. All roles with night actions should PM me each night phase with their actions. Night phase lasts 24 hours unless all actions are received early, and any actions not submitted before the deadline shall be forfeited. Day phase will last a minimum of 24 hours, and will typically last 48-72 hours unless consensus is reached first.

    7. A simple majority vote of all living players is needed for a consensus. If a majority is not reached, there will be NO LYNCH. There will be no lynching of players with ‘most votes’ if majority is not reached.

    8. Dead players may only post at night, and may not post hints or participate in the game discussion.

    9. Green is the mod colour. You may post in any other colour except the Mod Colour.

    10. Have fun, and post often.

    Player List (in signup order):

    Little Monster
    Kaleg Nar
    Xerxes III

  • Dah you beat me to it, but it would be a crime to to vote for someone else on day one

    <Vote Zullu>

    What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?
  • Two things.

    1: You beat me to the punch on voting Zullu, LM. (Though I was gonna vote for his teddy bear.)
    2: Jesse, it's a PL vote of mine to vote for people that add on a second spam vote. I'm sure I've explained why I do this before.

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • Vote LM

    You interfered with my desire to welcome back Zullu with a vote :(. Then Kaleg scared me with his "I'm going to vote anyone who puts another vote on a spam vote person".

    Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.
    :turkeydance: I'm just a small turkeh, how much trouble could I get into? :turkeydance:
  • vote: Kaleg

    For voting someone who voted someone who was already being voted by someone when it was clear both the first someone and the second someone only meant to greet that someone they voted for, and beside that someone they voted didn't object to anyone voting them.

    (I challenge you to say this allowed 3 times in a row .. in front of someone). :lol:

    OK.. just chilling between the two halves of the game.

    I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

  • Well that was a short lived spam phase for me. Kaleg! Congratulations! You are the first contestant on "spot the scum!".

    Vote kaleg

    Yes you have explained this. And I've explained how it's a poor reason for a policy lynch. You also used this exact tactic 2 games ago to attempt a miss lynch when you were scum. If at first you don't succeed, try try again?

    This is not, repeat not, a spam vote.

    My quote still doesn't fit ~ Me
    Game Rules I-Ticket (Support Tool)
  • I will view a spam BW, no matter how small, as something of note. Yes I was scum the last game I played and yes I did vote someone for the same reason, but I will vote people for the same reason when I am town too, as I have done. It may not be the scummiest thing (second spam vote), but it's something I note.

    Heather wrote:

    But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

    HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU wrote:

    But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
  • Yeah there was no way that spam vote could be considered a band wagon. There was two votes and I unvoted a very short hour or so later. When I first learned to play Mafia it was customary to vote Zullu on the first day. In fact in the rules the mods always used <vote Zullu> as the example for how to phrase your votes.

    What if a child dreamed of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspired to something greater?
  • bakakadassa wrote:

    Quoted from "Jesse"

    To spread the love I will unvote so others can vote for Zullu
    You "quote" me. You must be the spelling cop in this game.

    I think you quoted the wring person.

    Shep, it does seem kind of odd that Kaleg would look too much into a second vote in the spam phase, if it was three I would agree. But two seems more on the safe zone. However, I don't agree with the fact that you're bringing up past games to back up your point. I though you disliked that.

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