Military Advisor Toggle Option

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    Ikariam team

    • Slowboating

      The biggest fix I would suggest for Ikariam is to fix the problems associated with slowboating. I am currently being annoyed by soeone slowboating me, and this has happened almost every time I have played Ikariam because I step on a lot of toes.

      Need a definition? Slowboating is when a user sends a military attack on another player from a very long distance simply to keep that player's military advisor red. These ships or troops can take over 24 hours to arrive, and can be as small as a single hoplite or ram ship. This situation is made worse by throw-away multis, as a player can't retaliate against their attacker.

      Need a solution? The best solution would be to allow a player to designate impending attacks that they "don't care about." Such attacks would no longer turn the player's military advisor red.
    • 5 Rename and resubmit under MILITARY ADVISOR OPTION

      Add a switch next to incoming threats that allow you to turn off the red military advisor. This will not only work for the childish 3 day slowboat , used mainly by those who do not use the IP share and get around it by claiming to be on a school server, but also during battle when there is someone attacking from a few islands away.

      Example: Someone attacks with carriers which makes the advisor red. It is over an hour before it arrives. I have been alerted and switch that attack off. I can still see it inside the advisor, but it is no longer red. 10 minutes later, another attack is sent but this one has no carrier which means it will arrive before the attack with carrier. The advisor turns red again and i have the option to turn it off. Without the option, the red light would be on and i would not know of the earlier attack without constantly looking in it.

      The point of the military advisor is to alert the player of an attack? Let make it so it works.



      Can you change the voting so we can see who chooses 5 or 0? The cheaters who do not us IP sharing will be the ones who vote 0 and the ones who are always red will vote 5.

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    • Military Advisor Toggle Option

      I suggest a toggle switch next to any attack within the military advisor.

      When an attack is sent on a player, their advisor turns red. This is to alert the player of an incoming attack. Lets say the attack is coming from a few hours away with carriers and no Poseidon active. Then there is an attack closer and will arrive sooner. Unless the player constantly looks inside the military advisor, they do not know of the sooner attack. With the option, they would be able to turn the advisor off for the longer first attack and would again be alerted to the second quicker attack. The advisor would actually do its job in alerting the player this way.

      This will also be a great way to better deal with childish slowboating, which is mainly used by multi accounts who get around IP sharing by claiming to be on a shared server like in a school.
    • [turkeh]

      In general it's good form to submit your own version of a suggestion if you want to tweak what's already in place :). Also nope - voting is supposed to be anonymous so people can vote what they think is a good idea, without ingame reprisal.


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    • It's a good idea, slow boat is annoying, I tend to hang out on my troop movement page so it's not really effective.
      But it is damn annoying for sure.
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    • Slowboating is just a nice small part of strategy - for hiding real attacks or just annoying enemy, or blocking their town moving.
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    • And what about when someone is just mad that they are no good at the game, they have many multi accounts which the group shares, they vaca their main account for months, play on a different server, and slowboat people just to be annoying for months on end?

      The military advisor is there to alert players of an incoming threat. Once you know about the threat, you should have the option to reset the alert for each individual threat. This is not only useful for eliminating slowboating, but during battle when waving is implemented. Your military scout can actually do the job it was designed for with a toggle switch next to each attack.

      I renamed and submitted another link for this same thing. It is just more directed towards the actual military strategy aspect of the game. Please vote and comment on why you like or dislike the idea.

      [Combat] Military Advisor Toggle Option

    • Apparently, the poll's result has demonstrated two polarized opinions of players', with 15 loving the idea and 14 hating it. I believe those 15 supporters are players who do not slowboat others just for fun or for tactical reasons, whereas the other 14 naysayers are the opposites. Getting rid of slowboating is equivalent to getting rid of a favorable strategy of many players, so I can see why not many people like that change to happen.

      Although slowboating is a compelling idea to me, I will have to go along with Swampdonkey on that.

      That is just my two cents.

      Thank you Ratna for the best signature I have ever seen :love:

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