Military Advisor Toggle Option

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    Ikariam team

    • I see eye to eye with SD for the reason that his argument does make sense and it expresses what I want to say. However, players using slowboating as a strategy may not like me for being supportive of such a suggestion.

      Thank you Ratna for the best signature I have ever seen :love:
    • In the instance that some would want to use slowboating as a military stategy, you still can. You will just have to constantly turn your ship around and resend the attack again or another attack every 15 - 30 min.

      This prevents the player who only uses it to annoy and only logs in every 3 days with a small shared account to send a 3 day slowboat. They also keep their main accounts in v mode.
    • Little Monster wrote:

      Well no, not really. But do I like taking people's option to do so? No. Another thing I don't like, is when people attack me. Do I go ahead and suggest that GF should cancel that? No.

      Slowboating is not really effective in my book, I hang out on my movement page war or not so all it does is annoy me a little.
      It's not effective at hiding attacks on me.

      I suspect many other players feel the same.
      Only time I'll slow boat someone is if they're slow boating me.

      The military adviser is there for OUR benefit, once we know of a incoming attack we should have the option of telling him to ignore it.
      Have you ever had the smoke alarm go off when cooking? majority of smoke alarms will shut up for 10-15mins by pressing the test button..

      they are INTENTIONALLY designed that way to silence false alarms for a period of time.

      Same logic applies here.
      Speak softly and carry a big stick.
      Carsten van Husen: We employee some of the most skilled howler monkeys bandanna's can buy!; Sure they have an unnatural fascination with their own excrement and a compulsion to throw it, But we're still the most innovative simian based company in the industry.
    • Now that the 2 suggestions are combined, the second voting option will not be seen and the main point i tried to make that the military advisor was made to alert of an attack is no longer the main topic. Many will only see this as a way to get rid of slowboating and not think about the military advantage. Hope many do look and realize there are 2 areas within 1 suggestion to vote. I would never think to scroll down to see another vote within a suggestion.