The Reichenbach Fall (Intermediate Sherlock Themed Game)

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  • The Reichenbach Fall (Intermediate Sherlock Themed Game)

    Do small things with great Love
    Mother Tressa

    The Reichenbach Fall

    Special thx to shep (still using his opening post style! :P)

    Players :
    1. bakakadassa
    2. bamcbix
    3. DrkAngel
    4. Elenor
    5. Eloy
    6. Little Monster
    7. maya
    8. prEDITOR
    9. Turkeh
    10. Xerxes III
    11. Zullu

    Consideration : Names are in alphabetic order

    Game Rules:

    • You may not post Moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind.
    • There is to be NO personal communication outside of the forum postings unless your role allows it.
    • If you have a role with a Night action, your choices are due to me by the posted deadline. If I do not receive your choice via PM by the posted deadline, no choice will be made.
    • As a general rule you should aim for one post every 12 hours, minimum, to keep the game moving. this one is mandatory, as mod I don't care about substance that's up to the players to hold you accountable. After 24 hours I'll prod you, if you didn't responded after 12 hours I'll look for a replacement , if none after another 12 hours I'll mod kill you.
    • No alive player can post anything inside the game thread during the night phase.
    Voting, Deadlines, and Player Death:
    • A simple majority of all living members must agree on one person for a Lynch to occur (simple majority = 50% of living players +1, rounded down).
    • Once you have reached a simple majority, no further unvoting will change someone's fate.
    • Please submit votes as: Vote: PlayerName. Please use this format and put them in a new line or I might loose your vote!
    • Unvoting is not necessary. I simply count the last Vote. but you can unvote someone by submitting Unvote: PlayerName.
    • You may Vote: No Lynch - a simple majority of these vote types are required to send the game to Night phase without a Lynch.
    • Daytimes are 72 hours and Night times are 24 hours.
    • You can ask for a 24 hours long time extension each day . I need 3 requests to grant you that.
    • If all the players who have night actions confirm their desire to end the nights faster I’ll decrease the length of that night to 12 hours. for this, one of the players should send me a private massage and I’ll ask everyone else about it.
    • If a daytime ends and the needed vote number for lynching is not met, a No Lynch will occur.
    • Once a player is lynched, the game enters twilight until I post a death scene , the players (even the lynched one) can continue posting even in this phase.
    • Color #005686 is mine . All similar text colored is reserved for me. No invisible/small text is allowed.
    • If you have an issue/problem with the game, please PM Me privately. Do not post issues/complaints in the game thread.
    • Questions/requests for me may be posted in-thread. Please bold all requests so that I don't miss them.
    • Terminology and answers to common questions can usually be found by a perusal of the Wiki. If you can't find the answer to a question, feel free to ask!
    • Rules violations will be dealt with according to their severity, up to and including a Modkill (which may be accompanied by moving the game to Night phase).
    • If you anticipate being unavailable for more than a 24-hour period, please post a notice to that effect in the thread or via PM to me. Treat this game as a commitment. Be considerate – don't leave us hanging.
    Some Considerations About Story And My Posts:
    • In this game, the story contains no clues – and its only there for bringing some fun!
    • You can’t break the game by a massclaim. Scums has proper fake role pm’s as well. Please don't hurt the nature of the game by doing so .
    • I will post vote counts a lot , to make the game more progressive. even if their not changed.
    • I’m not native English , so please forgive me for any mistakes.
    The Golden Rule:

    Please remember that this is a game, and your main objective is to have fun!
    Be considerate of each other, don't get personal, and enjoy the game.

    The opening Story :

    “Why today?”
    “ Do you want to hear me say it?”
    “ Eighteen months since our last appointment. “
    “ Do you read the papers? “
    “ Sometimes.”
    “ And you watch telly. You know why I’m here. I’m here becau— “
    “ What happened, John? “
    “Sherlock… “
    “ You need to get it out. “
    “My best friend, Sherlock Holmes, is dead. “ John Watson palmed his face and Started to shackle his right foot rapidly.


    three months earlier

    (VIOLIN SCREECHES) “Enough! The stage is set, the curtain rises. We are ready to begin.” Sherlock Shouted.
    “Begin what?” John asked , surprised .
    “Sometimes to solve a case, one must first solve another. “ Sherlock answered while he was looking outside of the window.
    “Oh, you have a case, then, a new one?”
    “An old one, very old. I shall have to go deep.”
    “ Deep? Into what? “
    “Myself. Lestrade! Do stop loitering by the door and come in. “
    “How did you know it was me? “ Lestrade open the door and asked .
    “The regulation tread is unmistakable. Lighter than Jones, heavier than Gregson. “ Sherlock answered. “ So he is back.”
    “How do you know _” Lestrade asked with fear. “nevermind . Is he really ?”
    “What happened? “ Sherlock asked while he was putting down the Violin.
    “A Massive Explosion , He sent a massage for you.”
    “Oh ?”
    “Did you miss me?” Lestrade repeated the massage while he was passing a letter to Sherlock.
    Sherlock smiled , "Finally! I was expecting this for a while! "

    [You know what I mean!]


    Vote Count 1.0 :

    Not Voting (11) : bakakadassa , bamcbix , DrkAngel , Elenor , Eloy , Little Monster , maya , prEDITOR , Turkeh , Xerxes III , Zullu

    With 11 living players 6 votes are needed for a lynch.

    time to deadline : 72 hours online timer

    It's now day 1

    Sig by Kaleg Nar
  • Also; Hello, Elenor.

    In case FA didn't fill you in; here are the rules for Mafia games on this forum:

    1- Regardless of my alignment, my role MUST include the word COP in it. (This is a GOLDEN RULE)

    2- Regardless of alignment, bam is being read scummy and will be lynched.

    3- Pred will always flip the opposite of what you expect her to be.

    4- Turkeh plays exactly the same in each game, so the only way to know her alignment for sure is to steal her password and read her role PM.

    5- Now this one is VERY IMPORTANT: If there's a Town Vig; they're required to KILL A TOWNIE. No exceptions. Our Vigs never kill the baddies. (I think if they did kill a bad guy they will be mod-killed).

    Good luck keeping your mind intact.
    I see dead presidents on banknotes all the time.

  • Checking in and role received.

    I was going to RVS Baka for using the cop word, but someone beat me to it. :(

    Then it was going to be Zullu because I still haven't gotten that cheesecake....and someone beat me to it :(

    So I am going to....

    Vote Maya

    And because I am on my way to work and might go out after, I am not sure I will be able to post later tonight or not...

  • Well I got my role – And I was planning to vote drk since she voted me my last and first game. But it looks like drk got me! Then ungot me.

    Also, hello to the new guy too.


    Vote xerxes

    Since he hasn’t had a vote against him yet. Wouldn’t want him to feel left out.

    Thanks to Svana for the sig
  • The letter was clean with only one sentense on it "Did you miss me?" Sherlock opened the letter finally.
    "That’s the phone , ... , the pink phone."Watson commented
    "What?! from A Study in Pink?"Lestrade asked surprised .
    "Well obviously it’ s not the same phone. But it’s supposed to look like" Sherlock answered thinkfully. "A Study in Pink? You read his blog? "
    "Of course I read his blog. We all do. Do you really not know that the Earth goes around the sun?" Lestrade asked siriously.

    Vote Count 1.1 :

    Little Monster (1) : bakakadassa
    bakakadassa (1) : Elenor
    Elenor (1) : Little Monster
    Zullu (1) : prEDITOR
    prEDITOR (1) : Xerxes III
    Xerxes III (1) : maya

    Not Voting (5) : bamcbix , Eloy , Turkeh , Zullu , DrkAngel

    With 11 living players 6 votes are needed for a lynch.

    time to deadline : 66 hours online timer

    Sig by Kaleg Nar

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