Inactive Players High score

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    • Inactive Players High score

      I think inactive and ban players score should not count at all. I think it should skip them. Once they log back in i shows everything else. That way when you click on some categories, it will be more accurate. For example, if you click on gold stock, 9 times out ten, the top player is inactive. Example:

      1)Active Player
      2)Active Player
      Inactive Player
      3)Active Player
      Inactive Player
      4)Active Player

      [turkeh]Poll is on post #5[/turkeh]

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    • Banned players are already removed from the standings. Look one up and you'll see that their placement on the highscore list is set to 0.
      Inactives should be left alone.
    • inactive players off the high score list

      i think that inactive players should be taken off of the high score list. the reason i think they should be taken off the high score list is because i would like to know what place i am in with active players not with people that don't play and if not completely off of the list just move them to the back and if they come back move them them back to the right place
    • high score inactive

      i think that the high score list should filter out the inactive players and put them at the bottom so new players have a accurate reading of what place they are in with active players

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