10% back for ambrosia

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    Ikariam team

    • skyhawk wrote:

      ok, so the notice said 10% for ambrosia spent during that time, and it would be rounded up...
      I spent 5 (Premium trader : )
      so I should be receiving 1 back today?
      When should it appear?

      It won`t appear.You spent 5 Ambrosia and 10% of that is 0.5 ... I don`t think their cashback works for any value lesser than 1.Evaluation period is over already, I renewed premium account (10 ambrosia) and I received 1 ambrosia back.

      What math did you do to get 1 out of 5 as a 10% cashback ? :blink"

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    • It does count upwards. So he would get 1 ambrosia back.

      You should receive a in-game message telling you how much you get back:

      " Ikariam Message 11.02.2016 11:09:28
      'xxx, as promised, your adept and wise use of Ambrosia has been rewarded generously', says the merchant Pyros in a friendly voice, whilst patting you on the shoulder in recognition. 'As a token of gratitude, your Ambrosia supply has been filled up with 1. You really did well, my friend. I'm sure you'll use this Ambrosia well too.' "

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