Playing On Separate Worlds From Same Computer

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    • Playing On Separate Worlds From Same Computer

      Is it possible to play on 2 or more worlds from the same computer?

      Right now I am on Omikron(sp?) and I would like to continue playing there, but I want to play on another world as well.

      Can I do that without breaking any rules?

      If I can, how do I do that?
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    • It is possible to play on multiple worlds from the same computer. You can also play the same account on multiple computers.
      .....If you really want to get crazy you could play multiple servers on every Ikariam community, play multiple servers in every other GF game community, and still play games from other companies all on the same computer without a problem.

      The easiest way to play multiple worlds is to use multiple tabs in the same browser. If you have two accounts on the same server, then use two browsers. (That's if you want both up at the same time, not because of a rule or anything.)

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      But baka, how can you be the cop if you're not playing?

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      But then again, knowing Kaleg, it could also mean we're all screwed later.
    • [turkeh]
      Hey CAPERNICUS yep you sure can. It is even easy to do so - the best way imho if you play multiple servers is to set them up using You'll need to add any and all emails you use on your accounts there, but once you do, you login with one id and can launch multiple servers at the same time.


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    • Playing On Separate Worlds From Same Computer

      I just want to thank everyone for their time & assistance in this matter.
      I'm not a noob to the game, but this is something that I have never even thought about till now.
      Thanks again everyone for your help. :D
      Bullies beware,
      that what you sow,
      shall you also reap.
    • You an also play with several accounts in the same server from the same browser using such add-ons like MultiLogin, MultiFox etc.
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    • I'll admit to not being the sharpest tool in the shed, so if I had problems trying to play 2 or more worlds on the same computer, why would I want to get myself all cornfused by playing several worlds, on several servers with multiple browsers on the same computer?
      Sometimes I get cornfused just getting out of bed in the morning. :lol: :D :lolbash:
      Thank You everyone for your help. :)
      Bullies beware,
      that what you sow,
      shall you also reap.

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    • You don't need to use multiple browsers unless you choose to do so. You can log into separate worlds in individual tabs.

      You would need multiple browsers if you had multiple accounts in the same world. Think of it like an email account, you have an active login for 1 account (lets say yahoo) but if you have a second yahoo email account you either have to log out of the first to log into the second one or use another browser to be logged into both email accounts at the same time. But if you have accounts with different providers (lets say yahoo and gmail) you can be logged into both of them at the same time from different tabs.

      Hopefully that made it clearer and not more confusing. :beer:

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